5 Miles Equals a Great Date Night

One thing I really love about having my blog is that it holds me accountable.

I asked you yesterday to make sure that I ran my second weekday run outdoors.  No treadmill for this lady.

Well today, I  moved around my work outs while the weather and my schedule was open and squeezed that outdoor run in.  I didn’t want to disappoint you guys, or myself.  So let’s all have a big collective high five here!

Workout of the Day:  5, hilly, outdoor miles.

A tough, but beautiful run.


I left directly from my office, and ran up to Crown Hill Park.


When I say up, I mean up.  Literally, all uphill for about 1.5 miles until I hit the park.

DSCN1150 DSCN1151

The park has a trail that loops around a lake with absolutely BEAUTIFUL mountain views. It was a little under a mile and a half of breath taking views that made the run up hill totally worth it.

DSCN1153 DSCN1152

Knowing that this park is less than 2 miles from my office makes me thing this loop could be a regular occurrence.


5 incredibly hilly miles done at under a 930 pace.  I am OK with that considering the speed work I had yesterday.

I may have been so speedy because I had inspiration at the end of the line.


That’s right.  Zach was waiting for me to finish at our favorite local spot:  Denver Brew Co.  I enjoyed a seasonal peach ale that hit the spot after a warm 5 miles.


Who am I kidding?  Zach was willing to be seen in public with me after a baby wipe bath.  That is true love.

We finished our pre dinner brews then headed to a great local Paris On The Platte, just a few blocks down from Brew Co.

I started out with a Malbec, to continue the date night fun and celebration of completing my afternoon run.

DSCN1167 DSCN1166

Zach and I have been to Paris multiple times and always love it.  Tonight was our first time sitting in the back bar — and we really enjoyed it.  It had a very speak-easy vibe to it that we appreciate.



We started out meal with a greek salad that we shared


And for my entree I went with the club and a side of fruit, with mustard in stead of mayo.


The sandwich was huge (and yes, I’ve had sandwiches for dinner 3 days in a row now.  Not the healthiest options, but it’s all about balance), but I got dinner and now Zach gets a lunch out of the deal.  Win – win.

Overall it was a perfect afternoon, and perfect date night.  And I didn’t even have to shower (I know, that’s gross).

Question of the Night:  Have you ever gone out post work out with out showering?

Umm…too many times.

15 thoughts on “5 Miles Equals a Great Date Night

  1. That’s an awesome avg pace for uphill!! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of all the running you’re getting to do (taper brain talking here). Oh and I go post workout without showering all the time (not something I should be bragging about). Kyle and I did that on Friday when we met my parents for dinner…I swear, for the most part, I shower right after!

  2. I can’t do the whole go out after a workout without a shower thing. I think the most I’ve done is gone to the store to pick something up, but that doesn’t really count.

      • Meh, it can’t be that bad and I’m sure no one really notices. I think it’s just a mental state that I get into and part of the routine. Workout = shower. Disrupting that messes with the flow of the day. 🙂 And glad the beer was good. I am not a beer person AT ALL! I’ve never much cared for the taste but I then had an unfortunate incident: some friends and I went out and I had a beer. Later that night the stomach flu hit… hard. So now I have negative associations, along with Big Al’s chicken kabobs. However, last weekend I did have a beer at a friends but it tasted very unlike beer so it was manageable.

  3. I’ve gone out after working out and, depending on the outing, can feel nasty or whatever- I love going to sit outside for a drink(s) after a run with friends but the absolute worst I felt was this past winter when I did hot yoga and then had to go to the hospital for nursing school WITHOUT SHOWERING. It was disgusting. There were repairmen all over my house so I couldn’t shower and literally changed from my sweaty gear into a dress and tights. Yuck.

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