Silent Sunday

Another Silent Sunday





















And Weekend Recap In Photos — Since you already heard all about it but SURELY want to see it 😉


Zach loves rubbing my feet after long runs . . . they’re in GREAT shape. Hence the socks . . .






I know this doesn’t photograph well but it was GREAT! Thank you Sue!

Have a great Sunday Night All 🙂

Question of Silent Sunday:  Your weekend in one word 🙂

A Friendly Saturday

How was everyone’s Saturday?

I finished 12 miles yesterday, and was MORE than ready to relax. . . and of course snack the day away :).

Unfortunately, like a bad blogger, I left my camera over at our friends house last night so I have no picture evidence of the snacking today.  Whomp whomp.  We’re hoping to run by and pick it up today, so I’ll have pictures for you all in no times, no worries :).

Anyway — back to yesterday.

Zach went to school at Notre Dame, and I grew up fairly obsessed with Rudy (yet another reason we were just mean’t to be) . . . so many of our Fall Saturday afternoons are spent watching the boys in Gold and Blue.


Yesterday was one of those days.  Unfortunately, not one of their best games — but thankfully I had a lemon bar to get me through the first half


Ate that one like it was my job. . .

And some chips and kambucha to get me through the second half.

Kettle Salt and Pepper

We may or may not have eaten the entire bag.  I’ll leave that one up in the air. . .

Once the game ended, we prettied ourselves up and headed over to a neighbors of ours for dinner and drinks on the rooftop.

They are moving to a different neighborhood but wanted to share their amazing roof deck one last time before the big move, and Zach and I were more than happy to oblige.

We spent the night snacking on chips and salsa, cheese, bread, and an amazing croc pot soup that I WILL get the recipe for and share with you all.  Not the healthiest soup in the world (think heavy cream) — but it does have a ton of fresh ingredients as well . . . so I was more than OK with it.

Zach and I really respect this couple and had the best time talking about life and love.  They are the type of people you KNOW are just good people and feel lucky to have around.  You gotta love that :).

This Morning

I CRASHED last night by the time we got home — think fell asleep by the time Zach got back from walking Gus, AFTER eating 3/4 of a cookie and a Hershey’s kiss.  We were out a little past our normal bed time, so my body let me sleep in to the glorious hour of 830.  I don’t do that very often, but I love it when I do.

I headed down to the gym to get my workout for the day done.

Workout of the Day:  Shake out 5k on the treadmill — 10 miles on the bike.

A fun little 13.1 for the day 🙂

I woke up fairly stiff from yesterday’s run, but felt my legs loosening up as the run went on.  I kept the pace very under control, and finished around 29 minutes.  Like I said, nice and slow.  Then hopped straight to the bike for about 27 minutes and 10 miles of stationary riding and reading my current book:

Picture 046

That’s right — I went back to Target and picked it up.  I’m awful.

But on the bright side, I’m loving the book so far :).

And now — Zach is at the grocery store picking up food for breakfast and dinner tonight, and I’m about to jump in the shower and enjoy my Sunday.

Homemade breakfast sandwiches are on the menu this morning 🙂

Question of the Morning: