You’ll Thank Me Later

Is it just me or has this week actually flown by?



Thirsty Thursday anyone?

HA — ohhh the college days.  Now, I’m lucky if I’m awake beyond 1030, let along going out to party on a Thursday by 1030.  I just thought that was WAY too funny not to share with you all when I was looking up Thursday images.  🙂

Biggest Lesson From Last Night

Try these:



And thank me later.

I’m thinking the perfect running fuel?

Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they could work.

Thank you Halloween season for bringing out the best surgary treats for the children in all of us 🙂

This Morning

Even though I went to bed in a starburst candy corn/sugar coma, I woke up this morning well rested and ready to get a work out in.  This morning called for strength, so I hit the gym ready to get pumped up (Arnold anyone?)

Work Out Of The Morning:  Strength 

  • 20 minutes warm up on the bike (about 7 miles)
  • Intervals one 1 minute strength work out, 30 seconds jumping jacks for 20 minutes.  Think:
  • bicep curls
  • lunges
  • lateral raises
  • incline sit ups
  • plank
  • side plank
  • chest press


Etc. . . until I hit 20  minutes.  So I’d do one of these exercises, then split up the exercises with 30 seconds of jumping jacks to keep my heart rate up.

Honestly — this was the toughest strength workout I’ve done in a long time.  I LOVED it! 🙂

Then — because I still had a few minutes, I did a few arm workouts on the scary machine (standing row and chest press)


100 incline sit ups



And a few minutes on the leg press.

I left a sweaty beast, and loved it 🙂

And now — it’s time to shower up and head into work for my late start morning.  Whoooot. 😉

Quesiton of the Morning:  What is your absolute favorite strength training exercise and why?

17 thoughts on “You’ll Thank Me Later

  1. Gahhh Starburst Candy Corn! I might have to buy them…

    I love (to hate) jump squats. I feel like they work your whole lower body, and nothing wrong with an exercise move that makes me walk like I have a stick up my bum the next day.

  2. YUM. I have to try those starburst candy corn. Two things I love…combined! I never buy candy candy (I usually get some dark chocolate bar), but maybe I’ll make an exception. After all…Halloween IS coming up, right?

  3. Don’t feel bad about going to bed early, I fell asleep during my favorite show the other night. I felt like a grandma! I’m having a hard time getting in the mood for strength training. I love all of the rowing machines and hip adductor/abductor, but otherwise I’m kind of in the mindset that I’m forcing myself to do it. Do you ever feel that way too?

    • Oh yes — my major problem is I don’t sweat as much during strength training, so my silly brain is always convinced I didn’t get as good of a workout…even when my body SCREAMS after. Which is why I integrated the jumping jacks today, it definitely helped me feel like I was doing more.

  4. hummmm?? i love regular candy corn…this looks tempting though…couple weeks back I saw the candy corn at the grocery store and the thoughts in my head were…”oh NO! not those…they are so good…Heidi, you can do this, just walk past!” LOL Holding out for a bit on those…waiting for the perfect day to treat myself to some sugar! 🙂

  5. I am, very unsuccessfully, trying to stop eating sweets before bed. I need to change up something because I am getting my jelly belly rolls back 😦 but those Starburst candies look really nummy!
    Thank you for giving me something yummy to eat with my Cheetos while my daughter and I watch the Broncos!!!

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