I’m Proud

Ironically enough I found my quote for the day from RunningBloggers on facebook.


This got me thinking about different aspects of my Daily Routine, specifically in trying to live a healthy and balance lifestyle.  The things I’m good at, and things I’m NOT so good at.

When it comes to my healthy living, I am good about:

  • Fitting in daily activity and exercise
  • Being self motivated
  • Creating goals and working to attain them
  • Eating natural, healthy, and REAL foods as much as possible.  My body actually CRAVES them.
  • REST — I am good about listening to my body and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep most nights

Then of course, the things I could use to work on:

  • Sweets — I have no restraint with chocolate and sweets and often eat way too much of them.
  • Prepacked granola and protein bars.  I have a soft spot for them — and sometimes the ingredients are SCARY.
  • Drinking enough water
  • Wine — a definitely weakness, I love wine and probably have a little more than I need sometimes.
  • I can some times be too rigid with my routine — I have a tendency to ignore some messages that my body may being trying to send me, to a fault.

I’d say the thing I pride myself the most on in this little healthy living journey is making physical activity a part of my daily routine.


Whether it’s through running, hiking, yoga, or even walking — my body CRAVES physical activity.


I began working out with a goal of vanity, wanting to be thinner or wanting to look better.


But with time it became about so much more than that.


Exercise was about feeling better, feeling STRONGER, and overall feeling healthier.

I am PROUD of myself and my relationship with exercise and activity.  While it hasn’t always been healthy, it has now developed into something that is a HUGE part of my daily routine, and quite frankly just makes me a healthier, happier person.


Like this quote says, for me, being healthy is about making the decision to be active daily.  That doesn’t mean I run 10 miles everyday, or even RUN every day.  It means I prioritize activity of some kind in my daily routine.  Some days, that IS running 10 miles.  Other days, it’s spending my lunch going for a walk.  It’s all about just getting out there.

Something so small, but something that has made a huge difference in my day-to-day:



My yoga ball.

I sit at work for 8.5 hours a day.  Sure I get up all the time to get clients, but for much of the day I am sitting down.  For somebody with a not so great back — this was NOT working out well for me.   Then I was introduced to my wonderful yoga ball. . . and have been in love ever since.

Now being honest, it took a few days to get used to.  I had to find my balance on the ball, and at first I missed having the back of a chair.  But now — I LOVE my yoga ball, and feel like it has really helped to strengthen my core.

Now of course, we all know I’m not perfect.  I have my weaknesses and things I’d LOVE to change in my daily routine.

DSC_0144 DSC_0143

Like my tendency to overindulge in sweets. . .


And yes — I should make an effort to minimize this.  I say minimize because I would never advocate cutting sweets out completely. Life is all about balance and a part of that balance, for me, is the indulgence of chocolate and sweets.

But — for now, I am going to bask in the pride of my having made physical activity a part of my daily routine, and celebrate with a quick walk in the sunshine  (and maybe eat a piece of chocolate…maybe).

Question of the Afternoon:  What part of your daily routine are you most proud of?

11 thoughts on “I’m Proud

  1. My first thought was “just surviving the day with both girls”, lol. What I am most proud of. first making time for my girls and second making physical activity a priority over other things. Those “things” can wait until another day but my health and time with my girls can’t.

  2. This made me smile! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and you SHOULD be proud!

    The part of my day that I am most proud of (and it’s a little cheesy), is Kyle and I ALWAYS text each other “goodnight,” “sleep good,” and “I love you” in some form (the I love you is always the same).

  3. I feel like we need to work on the same things- wine and chocolate/sweets are huge weakness for me too. Recently, it’s been candy corn which I know is weird and literally just sugar but I blame Target for having the display next to the checkouts, I can’t restrain myself. And obviously, the being too rigid- that’s how I ended up in my boot womp womp. I used to be the same too about needing to be active everyday, prior to being hurt, but now I’m so stir crazy! Literally dying to do something active.

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