I Skipped My Workout — But I Am Happy

I slept in this morning.


The best part is — Instead of feeling guilty, I feel glorious.

I wrote yesterday about the dark mornings the season has been bringing to Colorado.  They’ve been brutal for this lady.  So I went to bed last night after a great dinner with friends, giving myself permission to sleep away the cold and dark morning – saving my run for the afternoon.

To be honest, it really did make a difference to wake up in the sunlight.   I know there is nothing that compares to a good morning run and getting that endorphin high first thing — but the dark mornings were getting to me this week.  So, I took a cue from the old body and let her rest.

And right now — I am OK with that :).   Anybody with me on this one?

I have no doubt that I’ll fit my run in post work, so I two possible plans for tonight’s workout:

  • Treadmill run — slower and more miles
  • Outdoor run — whatever pace my body tells me, fewer miles.

Feel free to weigh in in the comments with your opinion 🙂  I’ll let you all know tonight how my workout for the day went .

Quote of the Day: 



Simple, tried, and true.

Don’t worry.  Be happy.

My morning is a perfect example of this.  In stead of worrying about skipping my work out and stressing over whether or not I’ll get it in this afternoon — I am happy that I was able to sleep in, wake up to a beautiful Colorado morning, and am confident that I will get my work out for the day in this afternoon.  No need to worry.  Just being happy 🙂

Question of the Day:  How are you choosing to be happy today?  Or how COULD you?

Or Question 2:  Which workout would you do if you were me and skipped your AM work out?


22 thoughts on “I Skipped My Workout — But I Am Happy

  1. I’d pick the outdoor run – fresh air later in the day 🙂
    I’m choosing to be happy today …. a play date this morning with friends and my first indoor soccer game tonight in 2 years! I used to live and breathe soccer…so I’m pretty pumped!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love the dark mornings now 🙂 It’s so much cooler, I can actually work out without sweating too much! But this morning I slept 30 minutes extra and just did 10 minutes worth of abs. I do SO wish I had your stamina for 2 mile runs etc… But no running for me, just walks. So, today my lunch walk will be extra vigorous — just like yesterdays 🙂

  3. I have no idea how to skip my workout without feeling MASSIVE amounts of guilt. This is why I work out every single day. Honestly though, working out makes me really happy, so the fact that I accomplished it already this morning, makes me THRILLED!! 🙂 It always starts my day off on the right foot! Even if the day turns to crap-o-la… I know that I at least got my work out in! lol!

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