Please Don’t Be Disappointed In Me


But I ended up going against the afternoon’s votes and hitting the treadmill this afternoon.


The 91 degrees at 5 PM were enough to know that I wouldn’t hit the mileage I was hoping for, at least not safely or happily.  So — I got over it myself, sucked it up, and hit the treadmill.

Workout of the Day:  Treadmill 10K


  • First 5k right under 30 minutes, steady 6.1-6.5 run
  • Second 5k in 27:40, with one mile at 7.1 on the tread, the rest varying speeds based on my boredom

Honestly — this was one of the easiest runs I’ve had all season. . . minus some tummy problems between the 5k’s.  Seriously, that’s two runs in a row. . . what’s up with that?  I’ve never had an issue with it before . . . any ideas?


Zach also went on a long bike ride this afternoon — so needless to say we were hungry kiddos.

On the menu tonight:  Carne Tacos

Yup — we ate mexican last night, but both stayed away from tacos so we could enjoy them tonight.  Zach even had left over mexican for lunch today — it never gets old in this household.


Grilled Green Peppers


Grilled corn tortillas

DSC_0223 DSC_0224

And of course, delicious carne arsada

And my only addition to the table tonight:  A simple homemade pico


Homemade Pico

Serves 4

  • 3/4 can of Rotell Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies
  • 1/8 yellow onion raw
  • 1 clove of garlic raw
  • 1 leaf of kale diced
  • 1/2 teaspoon of dried basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese


It was a delicious and fresh topper to some great tacos

All together now!


Homemade tacos!



Question of the Night:  Do you consider treadmill runs “cheating?”

I try and push the speed or intervals to make it feel like I’m NOT cheating to be completely honest. . .

WIAW — Long Run Edition

I’ve seen the What I Ate Wednesday Trend around since I started blogging.  I LOVE the idea of it, but feel like my eats during the day are generally pretty boring, so I’ve never done it myself.

Well. . . I was inspired last week by Ms. flakeandcake who did a WIAW for her race day.  How fun!  I decided that while my day-to-day eats may be boring, my long run days are a little more interesting.  See, for me, I don’t eat much on days I do long runs, because my tummy just doesn’t want anything, so it’s normally a day of smaller indulgences, with the following day being full of LOTS of food.

Thanks, as always,  to Jenn at peasandcrayons for hosting this fun little link up! 🙂


So without further adieu:  What I Ate Wednesday:  Long Run Style

On my long run days, I always start out with coffee and a Larabar.

DSCN0520 DSCN0519

My favorite LaraBars are the Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Creme Pie, and the PB and J.

I like LaraBars specifically because they have very few ingredients, and the ingredients they DO have are all real and good for ya.  I have a tendency to have a sensitive tummy, so I need something simple for a pre-run fuel up.

That and I NEVER skip coffee.  I know some people can’t do caffine before a run thanks to their stomachs, but I literally feel like I have lead legs when I don’t have it.

My favorite fuel during runs: Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Energy Chews


I used to be all about Gu’s during my long runs — but I had to force myself to eat them.  Which is not good as somebody who already hates eating on the run.

When I found these Honey Stingers, I started looking forward to my mid-run fuel so I knew I found a winner.

Breakfast/Post Run Treat:  Lemon Bar, an apple, plus coconut and sparkling water

DSC_0176 DSC_0175

The past few weeks, I’ve been LOVING pastries and sweets after a long run.   I LOVE the indulgence, and think about it the entire time I’m running.  This week, it was a lemon bar.  Unfortunately, they don’t do much for my appetite.  So I always include some kind of fruit or something with a little more substance.

Of course, I’m all about rehydrating after a run, so this week I double fisted with coconut water AND sparkling water.  It felt like another indulgence, and I LOVED it 🙂


For me personally, long runs normally throw my appetite all out of whack. So, often times I’m not hungry for a big meal after breakfast and I tend to snack the afternoon away.  Which is exactly what I did this Saturday.


Crackers and Kambucha.  It normally helps to keep my stomach settled and happy.

Dinner: This is where it gets fun for me.  Normally by now my appetite has returned and I’m ready to eat, drink, and be merry to celebrate my long run. 


A margarita to toast to the night


Chips and all different kinds of dips . . . because you know I need to get my salt level back up 🙂

DSCN1021 DSCN1020

And TACOS!  Glorious tacos.  Yum!  Marg’s in downtown Denver treated us well Saturday.

Dessert:  I never end a day without a dessert, especially after a long run!


From Walgreens:  little mini cupcake candies.  Think movie candy, and yes, I ate the entire box.  Happily.

And that folks, is what I ate last Saturday for my long run.  🙂   Thanks for joining! 🙂


I Skipped My Workout — But I Am Happy

I slept in this morning.


The best part is — Instead of feeling guilty, I feel glorious.

I wrote yesterday about the dark mornings the season has been bringing to Colorado.  They’ve been brutal for this lady.  So I went to bed last night after a great dinner with friends, giving myself permission to sleep away the cold and dark morning – saving my run for the afternoon.

To be honest, it really did make a difference to wake up in the sunlight.   I know there is nothing that compares to a good morning run and getting that endorphin high first thing — but the dark mornings were getting to me this week.  So, I took a cue from the old body and let her rest.

And right now — I am OK with that :).   Anybody with me on this one?

I have no doubt that I’ll fit my run in post work, so I two possible plans for tonight’s workout:

  • Treadmill run — slower and more miles
  • Outdoor run — whatever pace my body tells me, fewer miles.

Feel free to weigh in in the comments with your opinion 🙂  I’ll let you all know tonight how my workout for the day went .

Quote of the Day: 



Simple, tried, and true.

Don’t worry.  Be happy.

My morning is a perfect example of this.  In stead of worrying about skipping my work out and stressing over whether or not I’ll get it in this afternoon — I am happy that I was able to sleep in, wake up to a beautiful Colorado morning, and am confident that I will get my work out for the day in this afternoon.  No need to worry.  Just being happy 🙂

Question of the Day:  How are you choosing to be happy today?  Or how COULD you?

Or Question 2:  Which workout would you do if you were me and skipped your AM work out?