Note To Self

Do NOT go to Target on your lunch break just because you want to get out of the office.


You Will Want

Picture 041

Picture 040

Picture 042

EVERYTHING in the store.

Picture 043

Picture 044


Picture 047

Picture 048

Picture 046

Picture 050

Picture 049

BUT — after all that, I impressed myself with my own will power and walked out empty handed.

Never again, Target.  Never, Again.

But one thing I will note to do again:


Go back to La Loma where Zach and I had a double date tonight.



I didn’t take any pictures of dinner, but know that I had a chicken and spinach quesadilla and it was amazing.  Not greasy or oily — perfect with GREAT flavor.


Another version of I spy an Ashley

Hope you all had a great day/night 🙂

Question of the day:  How many of you get sucked in at Target?  I know I can’t be alone.


15 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. Oh my goodness, I had to join a group fitness class out by my daughter’s cheer gym because I would go to Target while she was in class and spend all my money! Haha! Now I spend money on the classes but it’s cheaper than a shopping spree and i’m getting stronger 🙂

  2. Oh twin…common twin mistake is going to Target for 1 item and leaving with > 10 items…But I applaud your self restraint! I HAVE to go to Target with a written list that I can check off items, otherwise I leave with the whole store.

  3. I love Target and I used to shop in the Target that was right next to their headquarters in Minneapolis and listen to them talk about product placement. Those people are evil geniuses and now I’m really happy to say that I live far enough from a Target that I can’t just go in for one thing and leave $300 later.

  4. Target sells great stuff, so I also get sucked in. There’s even a Starbuck’s as you walk in! Nothing like a mocha or frappuccino while you’re attempting not to purchase everything in the store.

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