Mornings Are Getting Dark Around Here

Good morning and Happy Tuesday 🙂

Not so Board Games!

First off:  I have to say it makes me smile how many people also love board games!   I got a few new games to try out by just going through my comments this morning — so if you’re looking for a good time, go to last nights post’s comments.  There are some good ones – – and even a Scrabble Engagement Story!

DSC_0179 DSC_0185

This Morning

I LOVE Fall.  The crisp air, excitment of the holidays, pumpkin — I really am a fan.  But if I’m being honest, one thing I am NOT a fan of the dark (COLD) mornings that come along with it.  Waking up when it is still pitch dark in my bedroom, all nice and cozy, is going to be a transition for this girl.  Even knowing I was hopping on the treadmill and not going outside, it still took every single running mantra I have in my little stash to crawl out of bed.


Obviously not mine — actually New York. . . but I liked the dark image 🙂

What matters is that I finally did manage to get to the gym — and I didn’t even make myself late this morning sleeping in 🙂

Workout of the Day:  4.25 miles speed work

  • one mile warm up (about 9:50 pace)
  • two miles @ 7.0-7.5 on treadmill (about 8-8:15 pace)
  • one mile cool down with progressive speed up (about 9 minute pace)
  • walk it out until I hit 40 minutes

I hit 4 miles right before 36 minutes this morning, so I had about 4 minutes to stretch out with some incline walking.   I was REALLY happy with my little legs holding on for the two speed miles back-to-back.  It’s the first time i’ve run this speed work out, and I really liked it.

Picture 038

I did take a quick water and potty break between the first and second speed mile, but that was the only break I had in the run.

Picture 039


And look. . . Even Gusman doesn’t like the cold mornings.  😉

Quote for the Day

I really enjoyed reintroducing myself to my journal yesterday, so I’m excited to keep it up!  Today’s quote is one of my favorites


This is a great reminder to me to focus on my interactions with others.  Make sure that I am presenting myself in a way that I can be proud of.  Present myself as a person that I would want to be around.  It seems so simple. . . but sometimes easier said than done.  Especially when life just seems to get in the way.


Question of the Day:  Are you struggling with the dark mornings lately?

19 thoughts on “Mornings Are Getting Dark Around Here

  1. YES. I used to get my 3 mile runs in before work, but now it’s too dark to do this outside (I’m usually at work by 7). So I have to suck it up and run on the mill or run after work. Running after work will get easier as the weather cools off though.

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  3. Was just sayin’ the same thing to my wife this morning (again btw, lol)! With that lingering darkness, and the cooler (crazy cold here) temps, getting way harder putting on running gear and stepping foot out the door (reminds me, I need some reflective clothing)! I long for those summer 6 a.m. mornings runs with simply a tank top … or not!

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