Be The Type of Person That You Want to Meet


This little quote here is my motivational message, and my mini goal of the day.

When I first started thinking about this, it brought me back to a quote I heard often as a kiddo:  


Awwwe kiddo Ashley

“Treat others as you want to be treated” 

Did anybody else get told that growing up?   Back then, I really just heard it when I was being a Ms. Bossy Pants (hard to imagine, I know). . . but today, it rings very similar to my quote of the day.

I want to be someone that I would want to meet.  I want to be proud of who I am.  I want to be proud of the way I treat others.

Now I’m not saying I’m a terrible person or that I’m not proud of myself — but these are the kind of things that are always good little reminders, no?

What Do I Look For In Others?

I have some amazing people in my life.


People who inspire me everyday.


With their kindness.




Sense of humor


And with their passion for life 🙂

My family and friends remind me of the kind of person that I WANT to be.   They are all unique, but share the qualities that I love and hope for within myself.

  • Kindness/Caring
  • Passion
  • Funny
  • Loving
  • Proud
  • Individual/Unique

These are the things I am going to strive to be, and show to others around me.

I started this morning with a short little email to the husband about the 10 things I love most about him. . . and then teared up when he moved my words around and responded back with the same for me.


It was the perfect little reminder that you get back what you put out there.  BE the type of person you would want to meet, because chances are it’ll bring out the people who are just like that around you. 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  What is trait about yourself that you are most proud of?


12 thoughts on “Be The Type of Person That You Want to Meet

  1. Yes, I grew up with “Treat others how you want to be treated”. I think as we grow other it can sometimes be easy to forget that one. I might steal your idea to write my husband a message the next time he is away for week+…it’s always nice getting those emails.
    What trait am I most proud of? Good question…..I try to really listen to others…not respond but just listen when they need it most.

  2. Hmmm… I guess the trait I’m most proud of is my strength in new social situations and being outgoing.

    My boyfriend and I just moved to a new city overseas so I don’t now too many people. Last week I attended a young professionals social event by myself and without knowing anyone there beforehand.

    I was able to meet a lot of new people and do some networking so I’m glad I went, but I think that type of social situation is one that most people wouldn’t take advantage of alone!

  3. I love that quote too! I feel like I have been surrounded with the reminder of being the person you want to meet, or being the person you want to hang out with. Love those daily reminders and striving to be a better person!! Awesome post 🙂

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