A Pretty Spectacular Weekend

Have you ever had one of those conversations with your husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. that just make you get all butterfly-in-the-stomach, lovey-dovey?

DSCN1012 DSCN1018


That happened last night during Zach and I’s date night at Marg’s Taco Bistro in downtown.

It was a beautiful walk to dinner, and a perfect night to sit on the patio and just chat.  And that’s exactly what we did.

We talked about life, love, the future, and all that fun stuff — nothing too serious, just a really great conversation and date night that has me still smiling this morning :).  I love when that happens.

On to the Food. . . 



Since we were at Marg’s. . . we felt obligated to order margaritas, Of course.  Zach went with the house, and I spiced it up with a habanero.



It was delicious, but very spicy. . . I love heat so it was perfect for me, but made Zach’s lips pucker. ha



We started with the salsa appetizer — with guacamole (we asked for that, not normally on the salasa app), a pineapple salsa, and fire roasted salsa.

For the first time since Zach and  I have been together I think, we did not finish the basket of chips.  They know how to do it at Marg’s with chips, that’s for sure.  They also give you two tortillas with pico (which you can kind of see), which helped us pick up the last bit of dips in the little bowls :).



For my tacos, I went with a caprese  (chicken, mozzarella, and tomato, very fresh), ninja (fish taco), and a club taco, with bacon, chicken, and fresh mayo.  They were all delicious, but the club was probably my favorite.  Yum.

Zach and I actually went to Marg’s the day we signed our apartment in July of last year to celebrate, and this was our first time returning since.  We were reminded why we loved it the first time, and will definitely not wait a year + to go back!

We ended our night with some Boardwalk Empire (finished season 3) — and a fairly early bedtime.

This Morning

Zach got up at an ungodly hour once again (poor guy just can’t sleep in) while I laid in bed until 8.  Glorious.

I got my sore self up and into the gym first thing this morning — because I knew it wasn’t happening if it didn’t happen right away.

Workout of the Morning:  3.1 miles on the treadmill and 10 miles on stationary bike

DSCN1022 DSCN1023


Nice and slow and easy. . . a little half marathon between the two?

Ok I know that’s a stretch.

And now — it’s time to shower and figure out breakfast! My favorite meal of the day on the weekends 🙂

Quesiton of the Day:  Do you ever have those GREAT conversations that leave you smiling for days?

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