…And I Feel Kind of Awesome

Happy Saturday All 🙂

I had a great Friday that included

  • beautiful park walk at lunch
  • wonderful hair cut with Alisha at Denver Salon
  • lots of Boardwalk Empire
  • sandwiches
  • cupcake candies 🙂

And I’d love to share the pictures with you, but Zach took my little camera, so I’ll have to have a Friday review later 🙂

Long Run Saturday

Zach is volunteering with his employer this morning, so he was up and out by 730.  Which was perfect for me, because that meant there was delicious coffee already made — and a quiet house to psych myself up for a long run.

I, of course, followed my standard long run routine

DSCN0520 DSCN0519


And read the newest Runner’s World while my food settled for a few minutes.

By 830, I was out the door.

Thank you, Denver, for giving absolutely perfect running weather.   I started out in a sports bra top, white long sleeve dry fit later, shorts and compression socks.  By mile 4.5, I dropped my dry fit top and was comfortable the entire time.

I wanted to switch up my run a little bit this morning, so I started by hitting 16th street mall, which I almost never do.



I ran from one end to the other of the 16th street, which was a surprisingly nice loop.  It was a little more crowded than I’m used to, but running to the capital buildings and a different side of downtown than I’m used to made the first few miles fly by.

I then hit the Cherry Creek Trail for a few easy miles

2880023-P1030763 CreekTrailMoncoHolly117_000 sign-at-cherry-creek-trail-denver


And took my favorite fuel around mile 6.5



I finished my trail miles at about mile 9 — and did probably the most surprising thing I did all run



Trust me, it’s tougher than it looks.

I finished the decline a little before mile 10 — and just basically coasted it in until I reached 11 miles.

I am not going to lie to you guys — my run this morning made me feel pretty freaking awesome.











Like normal, I struggled with a bit of long run anxiety before this — but my BFF and running motivation, Ms. Zoe, reminded me I had this…and I did :).

There really is nothing like the high post long run.  It’s the best.


I had one thing on my mind when I finished my run




OK — it was on my mind before the run, too.

The farmer’s market lemon bar that I never got to enjoy last week thanks to Gusman.



It WILL get enjoyed today…it’s in the fridge waiting for me, where Gus can’t get to it, post shower. . . and I cannot wait.



To be enjoyed of course with reinforcements, post run.  Gotta hydrate, all 🙂

And just like that — my Saturday has started off pretty well I’d say 🙂

Our plans for the day once Zach gets back:

  • clean up the apartment of empty boxes, organize gifts
  • take back some returns
  • maybe hit up downtown 🙂

What are your plans today?  Please share 🙂

12 thoughts on “…And I Feel Kind of Awesome

  1. Oh my speedy lady! Those are some pretty freaking awesome stats there! You’re gonna rock your half!

    And I need to try those Honey Stinger chewy thingys (after my half b/c NOT the time to experiment ha!)! Oh and cupcake candies???? How dare you not elaborate! I know we’re twins and everything, but mind reading is really hard across state lines just FYI.

  2. That sounds like a really nice day. And good job on the run. I worked all day (Literally gone from 7-7) and I doubt I will get to the gym tonight, so I’ll have to find a way to get a good workout in sometime this weekend.

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