Friday Funday Round Up September 20

It’s Friday all 🙂  Time to round up my favorite funs, eats and treats from the week! 🙂

Favorite Run

DSCN0939 DSCN0938

My hill run on Tuesday.  It wasn’t the longest run, but it was the fastest I’ve run off a treadmill in a long time.  Hello 8:08 mile numero uno!

Favorite Treat

DSC_0143 DSC_0144

Oh third wedding cake . . . I miss you already.  My waistline, on the otherhand, says goodbye.

Favorite Eat

Picture 029 Picture 027

In a surprise win, I’d say the quesadilla from the baseball game

Favorite Moment

Picture 023

Honestly I’d have to say my run in at the  baseball game as well.  Sometimes we need reminders of the important things in life. . . and this did just that for me.

And of course. . . just some shiney pictures of my other favorites of the week 🙂


Mona’s Brunch date

DSCN0903 DSCN0904

DSCN0924 DSCN0907

Enjoying a lazy Sunday with the fam.

Picture 035

bacon and chocolate are now friends in my book.

DSCN0989 DSCN0986

And we can never forget date night.

Not a bad week for the Jara’s 🙂

Hope you have all had a great week as well 🙂

Question of the day:  Highlight of your week was. . . ?

Remember When . . .

This afternoon’s post is a part of the Remember When Link Up hosted by the hysterical Emily from the Waiting.  If you haven’t checked her out, please do, you’ll thank me later 🙂


this weeks theme was Remember the time . . . Concerts.

Now we all know I have always had great taste in music.


90’s rap. Yeah — I still know every word.


N’Sync — I’m still heartbroken that you went Bye bye bye.  I’ll always love you JC.


Spice Girls . . . ok so I don’t STILL listen to spice girls, but if we’re sticking with the “back in the day” theme here.  I was a TAD obsessed.  I may or may not have owned the movie at one point (how many people reading didn’t even know they made a movie?!)

And considering that eclectic list of talented artists, it might surprise you to learn that my first concert experience was actually


that’s right.  The one and only Garth Brooks.

I know it might surprise you that Garth Brooks was my first concert experience with how trendy and cool I am (sarcasm) . . .  but you’ve got to remember this was back in the day.  Like back in the day when I knew big bangs and green leggings were cool.


Yes — that is little Ashley.  Is it just me or does my baby cousin look like a giant on little me?

I was probably 11 or 12 when I went to my first concert.  My dad being my handsome date, along with my neighbor and her step-mom.

When I began planning to write this post, I reached out to my Dad — because I figured he would have some fun commentary on the event.

Now as that picture shows, I was and still am very tiny.  So one of the first things my dad brought up in his memory of the concert:

  Top row of the Scott Trade Center.
                       You were able to stand on the seat and see the entire concert – Made it a great night for you.
That’s right all.  We were in the very last row of the Scott Trade Center — a VERY large professional hockey stadium.  But for a little 3 ft girl — that is like heaven.  I stood on my seat the whole night, like my own little mosh pit.  Well — as moshy as you’re going to get at a Garth Brooks show.  Me, my bff from grammar school, and my dad.
This was definitely back in the day when people still brought lighters to concerts instead of their lighter phone app — so I guarentee Mr Brook’s Standing Outside the Fire was quite the spectacle.
lighters_at_concerts Holding a Lighter Amidst the Silence
Being serious for a moment — I do remember this concert being an AMAZING experience.  I was, and still am ;), such a Daddy’s girl — so I know a date night out with him was the highlight of my week, month, year.
My dad was always a huge Garth fan — and that was definitely ingrained in me from a young age.  I remember we had a VHS of one of his shows, and me and my little friend Nick would just watch that over and over again. . . and we may or may not have even put on Garth Shows on his deck in the back yard.   My love for Garth ran pretty deep.
One thing I remember, and another thing my dad mentioned, was that my dad was leaving on a long business trip to San Francisco the morning after the concert — which made me all the more sad as it ended.   The quote from Pop’s
It was a great night.  We loved it.  Then I had to travel the following week to Upper Deck.  You were very sad about that.  You tried to talk me out of it while driving to the plane.
bittersweet moment I had there :).  I remember just crying when the concert was over — a mix of sadness that I didn’t have Garth to look forward to anymore, and the fact that my dad was leavvvving me for a business trip in just mere hours.  I’m sure I thought the world was ending at the moment, but I know it didn’t take away from the amazing evening we had 🙂
Me, my dad, and Mr. Brooks.
So that, folks, is my first concert experience.
And while I may have better taste in music now 😉 (no offense Garth, I still love you…just not a huge country fan you could say). . . I will never forget my first concert experience, and wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂
thanks Emily and Ashley for hosting! It’s always a blast 🙂
Question of the day:  Who was your first concert experience with?

Work Out Round Up – September 20

Happy Friday All 🙂

31009 friday-1

Can I just say, how good did that sushi from Sushi Hai look last night?


Oh delicious.

But some sad news from last night . . .


Zach and I finished the last of the wedding cake last night.  I’m kind of sad. . . rest in piece cake.  You were unbelievably delicious.

Moving on . . .

I made it through my first full week back at work after the wedding (well. . . I still have to get through the day today, but I did make it through waking up and getting here,  That’s definitely the hardest part 🙂

I slept in this morning and allowed myself to have a glorious rest day.

I haven’t had a FULL rest day since the Sunday after  the Wedding, so I think my body was craving it.  Who am I to deny THAT? 🙂

This Weekend

Zach and I have no real plans for the weekend, which is pretty wonderful.

After months and months of craziness, crazy traveling in October, and the holiday’s quickly approaching, I LOVE the quiet weekends.  Things we do have planned:

  • hair cut tonight for this lady
  • long run for me/volunteering for zach Saturday morning
  • shopping with some of our wedding gift cards Sunday

We also mentioned hanging out downtown Saturday afternoon — but we’ll see how we feel 🙂

Work out Round Up

My plan for the week looked like this:

  • Monday – 10 miles stationary bike + 75 minute yoga class
  • Tuesday – 4 -5 miles treadmill/outside weather depending
  • Wednesday – Strength training
  • Thursday 4-5 miles treadmill/outside EASY weather depending
  • Friday – rest day/2 miles treadmill/yoga
  • Saturday – LONG run
  • Sunday – recovery

And my actual activity so far has looked like:

  • Monday — 10  miles stationary bike + 75 minute yoga class
  • Tuesday: 4 miles hills outside
  • Wednesday – Strength training
  • Thursday: 4 miles easy run on the treadmill
  • Friday: REST — PLANNING on a walk during my lunch.
  • LAST Saturday – 10.37 treadmill miles
  • LAST SUNDAY – 5k on the treadmill , 10 miles on the bike

And of course, I have a long run planned for THIS Saturday and recovery planned for Sunday.

I’m pretty happy with how the week turned out as far as work outs go.  For whatever reason I have this feeling like I didn’t do THAT much — but that is probably just my brain playing tricks on me 🙂

Question of the Morning:  What was your favorite work out this week?

I would say my hill run outside.  It was TOUGH, but I pushed through and felt like an animal after 🙂

DSCN0942 DSCN0939