Boardwalk, Weights, and Cardinals

Good Morning, and of course, Happy Hump Day 🙂

Zach and I spent the rest of our evening last night enjoying some cake and watching Boardwalk Empire



We were party animals and stayed up until almost 11 . . . it’s getting crazy around here all!

This Morning

I woke up this morning with a strength training workout on the agenda. . . and that’s exactly what I did 🙂

Workout for the Day: Strength training with 10 minute spinning warm up

Today’s working included 10 minutes on the bike to heat my body up, then a series in my Women’s Health



That was meant to “blast your body”

DSC_0169 DSC_0168


I did 3 sets of:

  • 60 second plank
  • 10 lunges L and R
  • 30 second side plank L and R
  • One legged hip thrusters/bridges
  • and T push ups
  • with jumping jacks in between each set

Once I finished that work out I squeezed in some weights:

  • 3 sets of  12 – chest press, shoulder press, lateral pull on the full body machine (20 lbs except the last set, which was 30 lbs)
  • 3 sets of 12 – leg press 50 lbs
  • 3 sets of 12 – include sit ups – body weight

I finished the work out feeling sore in all the right ways 🙂


Today is our closed day at work, so we’ve got lots of meetings and trainings.   FUN, I know 😉

BUT. . . tonight is 100% going to make up for it 🙂

DSC_0163 DSC_0166


Zach’s cousin got tickets to the Rockies/Cards game tonight, so right after work we’re walkin’ to the stadium to enjoy a nice night at Coors 🙂

Let’s Go Cards

for those of you who may not be aware, I live in Denver, but am originally from the IL side of St. Louis

Have a great morning all!

Question of the Day:  Do you vote for any sports teams from towns that you don’t live in?

I’m a huge St. Louis Blues fan, and have been to multiple stadiums to see them play now that I don’t live in the midwest :).  But I also love my Cards, especially as it gets close to playoffs 🙂 (to be honest, I can’t watch baseball during the regular season on TV . . . way too slow).

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