The Wedding Cake Saga That Resulted In Us Having To Eat 3 Cakes

You all have heard me mention our little wedding cake a few times. . .


It was honestly the most beautiful wedding cake I’ve seen. . . maybe I’m biased, but none-the-less.

Zach and I choose to work the The Makery for our wedding cake.  Check them out, they are masters at what they do.  They make cakes turn into works of art.

We went to The Makery about 6 months ago, excited to try lots of cake but  without much direction on what we wanted for our own cake.

Within an hour, we had our sugar cravings satisfied and were confident that not only would are cake TASTE delicious, it would be beautiful as well.  By signing with the Makery, we guaranteed a beautiful wedding cake, anniversary cake (a cake we can pick up at our one year instead of freezing the topper, included in price), and a sweetheart cake for the bride and groom (a small cake, brought to the event but meant to be kept for the bride and groom to enjoy post ceremony.  About 8 pieces, or 4 Zach and Ashley pieces 🙂

Move Forward to Day OF

We put in our cake order fairly far in advance, before we began getting RSVP’s.   It was VERY important to me that each guest get to en joy our cake, so we placed our order for 130 people (at the time, our ABSOLUTE top number was 120. . . but I wanted to be REALLY sure everyone got some :).

Come the day of, we only had 85 people in attendance.  That equals a lot of extra cake 🙂

So, when Zach and I went to cut our cake, the caterer asked us if we wanted to save the topper.


My guess, looking back, is that the caterer wasn’t very familiar with the Makery’s policy of a sweetheart cake, and because most bride and grooms save their topper, assumed we would be doing the same.

In the moment, Zach and I actually decided to SAVE the top cake layer.  I figured we could use it for brunch the next morning, or possibly just enjoy it ourselves :).  We had guests staying with us for awhile, and it would be a fun treat to have.

Well. . . the evening went on, much fun was had. . . and come 1215, I became a pumpkin and we went home without any thoughts of the cake.


20130907_193156 20130907_193147

Our contract with Boettcher mansion stated that anything that was left over was to be given to Zach or I’s parents, and that his parents do a final walk through by the end of the evening to make sure nothing was left.

the Next morning

Thanks to my sweet tooth, it didn’t take me long the next morning to begin asking about the cake.

Asked my parents, they knew nothing.

Asked my in-laws. . . they knew nothing.

HMPH…it was probably left at Boettcher in the fridge where no one saw it.  I guess we can just pick it up when we go up there to clear out the rest of our storage shed (each couple is given a storage shed for them to store stuff for the weekend, and for caterers to bring stuff up and store pre-event).

Sunday, the day after the ceremony, Boettcher was closed so we were unable to check it out then.

Monday rolled around, and we were busy with family and getting people to the air port, so we were unable to get up there before 4 PM closing.

Come Tuesday morning . . . you know I was jonesin’ for the cake!   So I called Boettcher first thing to see if they had our cake.

Nope 😦  The fridge is unfortunately empty.  BUT, call the vendors, they recommended.  So of course, I did.

Nope 😦  Once again, the vendors have no idea, but said they’d do some research, too, to see if they knew where it could have gone.

Zach and I were stumped. . . the cake was the major thing we were wanting to retrieve from Boettcher. . . so Zach, being the thinker that he is, asked that I call them back to see if there was, in fact, anything that was worth making the drive up to Golden for.  By this point in the week, the weather and rain had started to turn, so we didn’t want to drive up if we didn’t need to.

So I called, and the same nice lady answered.  She agreed to check the storage unit for us and put me on hold. When she came back, she gave me the news.

Well. . . I found your cakes.

My little heart sank.

Not only did that mean we lost our sweetheart cake, which was meant for the bride and groom, we also lost the top layer of cake.

If I’m being totally honest with you guys, I cried for a minute or two, then bucked up and changed my perspective.

Our wedding day was BEYOND perfect.  BEYOND my wildest dreams.  And if a lost wedding cake was the worst that happened, we made it out just fine if you ask me.

Once I got my happy pants on, I called up the caterer to let them know the news.  Right away, they were EXTREMELY apologetic and offered themselves to replace the cake, without even having to ask.

Being completely honest with you, I was fine.  It was a bummer that our cakes got left in the shed, but we would still get a replacement cake, and I was still so in wedded bliss that it didn’t even matter.

Back to Boettcher

DSCN0819 DSCN0812

Later that day Zach and I made the treck up to Golden to pick up our stuff from Boettcher.  I prepared myself to see sad, melted cakes in the shed.


but I didn’t.  I found a sweetheart cake that was still as beautiful as the day it was made, and the cake topper, that had definitely seen better days, but still looked completely edible.

DSC_0012 DSC_0011

The cold weather that Golden had been given after our wedding had kept the shed cool enough to preserve the cakes fairly well.

Being the risk takers that we are. . . Zach and I decided we would risk the food poisoning, be brave, and try the cake.




Zach and I literally ate on cake from Tuesday night until Saturday night of last week (pretty sad we ate two cakes that fast).  We dominated every.single.bite and lived in happy wedding bliss.

And then yesterday came.

Natalie, from relish catering our caterers for the wedding, had ordered a replacement cake, and it was ready for pick up (a mere 48 hours from finishing our previous two).

Natalie did not order a replacement sweetheart cake.

DSC_0144 DSC_0143

She ordered a beautiful, much larger version, of our sweetheart cake.  Probably equivalent to the cake topper we had on our wedding cake.

It is beautiful, and even BETTER than our previous cakes…likely because it was fresh and hadn’t set in a shed for 72 hours. Ehhh… details.

So now, Zach and I have a 3rd wedding cake to enjoy…while we live in wedding bliss.  Honestly, the only SMALL issue of our wedding, and it ended up benefiting us.

We truely are the luckiest and happiest couple in the world.


And that. is the saga of our wedding cake 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: Any fun stories from your wedding?  Or from a wedding you attended?

16 thoughts on “The Wedding Cake Saga That Resulted In Us Having To Eat 3 Cakes

  1. I would have been crushed! Don’t feel bad about the crying, totally would have done that- although I guess that doesn’t mean much coming from your twin…Luckily everyone was so nice to you though!

    Question- is it weird that I want to go cake tasting even though I’m not engaged? nahhhh, not weird.

  2. such a beautiful bride! simply stunning 🙂 Love your cake story. When my husband and I got married ( 25 years ago this May, eeik! ) I had warned him against the whole ‘ smashing of the cake in the face thing.

    I fed him nicely, and he decided to smash the cake in my face. I was so stunned that I turned to the cake, shoved my ENTIRE hand into the center and smashed him in the ear. clearly I wasn’t thinking straight 🙂

    The rest of the cake was saved, so there was still enough that I didn’t harm, but in that moment, I do not know what I was thinking….

    congratulations, Newlyweds ❤

    • oh my gosh i adore that story! those are the kind of stories i love hearing!

      zach and i definitely did the shove thing. . . which i was also not expecting. he got some in my eye, and i kept giving him a hard time about it for the rest of the night 🙂

      congrats on 25 years. . . so amazing.

  3. Congratulations! 3 cakes! The both of you look really happy and you looked lovely in your dress. Just to share our local bakery that made our cake made us one for free for our anniversary and my husband sized up… such a bad idea cause I ate almost the whole thing haha.

  4. Our wedding cake was made my Mom; we actually had 6 large cupcake cakes and our wedding cake (vegan carrot cake) which didn’t get eaten at our reception. We ate it a few days later at my parents place after I had got back from my soccer game. There we sat, me sweaty in my jersey, shorts etc and my husband normally dressed. Only a few pictures were taken of our “cake event” that night.

    Enjoy all your yummy cake!

  5. This, is a priceless cake story. Unfortunately since we were gone on our honeymoon for two weeks and thereafter movie across the country, my family chowed down on the rest of our cake. When we came back to pack up and move, there wasn’t a crumb left, ha! That little taste on the day of our wedding however was the best red velvet I’ve ever had!

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