I ENJOYED Traffic?!

I think I ate too much cake last night because my dreams were ALL over the place.



I’m going to spare you all the details. . . but maybe 2 pieces of cake at 930 PM isn’t the best idea.  Just saying. . .

totally worth it though…

This Morning

By the time I snapped out of dream world, it was 725, which means no AM workout.  Normally I’d be frustrated about that, but this morning I was A-OK with it.

Partly because last nights yoga class was tough on the shoulder work and I woke up with a creak in my neck and back. . . (nothing some stretching and aspirin through out the day can’t help)



And also because I wanted to give myself the option of running outside today, and the AM’s are starting to be dark and cold here around Denver… I can handle cold OK, but I cannot handle dark, and especially not dark AND cold.  AM runs are probably going to be stuck on the treadmill for the most part from here on out. . . But at least now I have options for tonight.

My workout options for tonight are:

Option 1:  Run hill repeats outside

Option 2: Mile repeats/speed work on the treadmill

Last week all of my runs were done on the friendly little machine, so I am hopeful to get outdoors.  I’ll keep you all up to date.


The REAL odd part of the morning.  .  . 

I got ready and was out the door by 810, my normal time.

I ran downstairs and was out the door, ready for a quiet ride to work.

Until I hit this. . .


In the year plus that I’ve lived in Denver, I have only hit traffic ONCE on my way to work, and the first time I was actually able to avoid it.

So, this mornings traffic was the first time I’ve had to sit in commuters traffic since moving to Denver.

The odd part?

I was happy to see the traffic.  I sat back, and just relaxed.  I actually ENJOYED the slow move of the traffic and the fact that no matter what I did, I couldn’t go anywhere.  Traffic was completely out of my control.   Normally that would freak this Type-A girl out. . . but instead this morning I basked in it.  I knew I was going into a crazy day at work, so I took traffic as a bit of quiet time before the day.

What has gotten into me? I actually ENJOYED traffic?

After about 30 minutes, I made it up to the wreck.  Fortunately. people seemed to be walking around and OK, but there were at least 5 cars and some looked pretty seriously impacted.  My thoughts are with everyone in the wreck. . . I hope everyone made it out safely.

So anyway — that’s my odd morning.  Weird dreams, sleeping through a workout, and ENJOYING traffic.  Who am I becoming?

Question of the Day:  Have you ever been happy to hit traffic?

Today was definitely a first for me. . .



16 thoughts on “I ENJOYED Traffic?!

  1. I wish I could enjoy LA traffic like you do – my life would be less stressful. The other day it took me literally 2 hours to drive 23 miles. How crazy is that? Fortunately my commute to work is only 30 min because I can take side streets and avoid the big highways… but my answer is NO, I have never been able to enjoy traffic – at least not in this city!!

  2. The only time I can remember enjoying traffic was when I had to take Kyle to the airport. More traffic = more time to spend with him. #socheesy

    But thank you for mentioning that you were thinking of those involved in the wreck! I hate it when I hear someone complaining about a fatal car wreck and how it ruined their day…

    • TWIN MOMENT: you are so right – I used to thank traffic when I would be dropping Zach off at work on Monday mornings. We were long-distance so when I made it up for the weekend, I always left really early Monday morning to get back to St. Louis…and I LOVED Chicago traffic because it gave me a few more moments with the boy!

      And I absolutely agree about the people in the wrecks. That is actually the one thing that normally puts my road rage into perspective: recognizing that at least I’m ok and still driving, while obviously there are others who aren’t.

  3. As someone who hits traffic on a daily basis, I will say that I have also come to the “oh well” attitude regarding those situations. I used to drive 80+ miles multiple days per week, often with traffic in the afternoon. Now I drive 8 miles to my office but hit terrible traffic every morning on the way to work because it’s school time now and my city, when doing their planning, failed to realize they would need more than 2 main roads. 🙂 I think for the first couple months of dealing with metro-traffic it stressed me (as I came form a non-traffic city), but then after that I looked at it as time to myself, time to relax, and I can also listen to some really great podcasts while I’m stuck. So, in seven years dealing with traffic my thought process has turned into… “Ahhh, time when kids are not yelling at me… relaxation!” 🙂

  4. I’ve NEVER been happy to hit traffic. Ever. Ugh, there’s too much traffic in the Seattle area. Our highways are terrible and our cities are way overpopulated, so commuters can’t escape the backups.

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