Workout Plan for the Week and Professional Wedding Photos!

Well smack back to reality.

I woke up with Zach mentioning:  It’s your first full week at work as a wife!

Bumma — I think this is a milestone I would be happy to pass up, ;), but that’s OK.  It had to happen sometime.

If you saw my post from last night, you know it was a quiet evening spent primarily inside playing with Gus, watching football, eating open face sandwiches, and going to bed early.



Unfortunately the rain hasn’t completely let up, and we’re still stuck with the dark clouds and mist this morning in Denver.  Let me tell you how fun that made getting up this morning!

BUT — I wanted to start out the week on a good foot, so I got up, took my vitamins, and hit the gym for a very easy short bike ride.

Workout for the Morning: 30 minutes easy stationary ride.

Picture 012


Zach and I are planning a 2/3 Vinyasa class at root tonight, which is just what this tired body needs, but I still wanted to squeeze in something this morning to wake myself and my body up.

And in the theme of getting back in the swing of things:

Workout Plan for the Week September 16, 2013

  • Monday – 10 miles stationary bike + 75 minute yoga class
  • Tuesday – 4 -5 miles treadmill/outside weather depending
  • Wednesday – Strength training
  • Thursday 4-5 miles treadmill/outside EASY weather depending
  • Friday – rest day/2 miles treadmill/yoga
  • Saturday – LONG run
  • Sunday – recovery

It’s kind of nice to have a normal workout routine again this week.  I definitely was not lazy on my workouts last week, but there is something about structure that I just LOVE :).

Professional Wedding Photos!

Exciting news!  Yesterday our wedding photos were officially posted online!  Unfortunately, we haven’t been given a disc or direct access to them yet, so I can’t post any, but I CAN give you all access to the website so you can check them all out at your will 🙂

  • Go to 
  • Click weddings
  • Click online proofing on the left side
  • Scroll down to Ashley and Zachary
  • Enter “ashley” in the event code prompt to the right
  • you will be prompted to add an email address, but the photographers won’t do anything with your email.  It’s to keep track of favorites.

There are SO many amazing photos, I can’t wait to post them on here for you all 🙂

Alright . . . so now it’s time to get to work and back to reality.

Question of the Day:  If you look at the pics, which one is your favorite?


13 thoughts on “Workout Plan for the Week and Professional Wedding Photos!

    • Awwe thanks so much Corrie! We are obsessed with them. I spoke with the photographer and we’ll be getting a disc soon so I can post some of my favorites, but I’m so glad that somebody checked them out 🙂
      PS: we need to schedule a meet up! If nothing else a puppy play date and coffee!

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