Another Rainy (Fri)Day

Good Morning and Happy Friday all 🙂


Oh sweet lord. . . how hysterical/adorable is that?

Unfortunately I was called into work as normal today, so no more extended vacation for this girl.

But honestly, can I complain?  NO.  It’s Friday :).

It’s still raining pretty consistently here in the Denver area and probably will be through tomorrow.  Thankfully, seems like we should be back to much more normal weather patterns of sun and 80’s.

I got a text from my boss around 645 am letting us know that we were opening as normal (Hello cruel joke.  I TOTALLY thought that as the text I had been waiting for, like total snow day moment…then it just said come on in! BOOO)

Since I was now jolted awake, I was pretty aware of my sore legs and knew that going back to bed was unnecessary.  So. . . I got myself out of bed and dedicated myself to 20 minutes slow on the treadmill to loosen up my legs for a long run tomorrow.

“Workout for the Day” 20 minutes/ 2 + miles on the treadmill

I honestly did feel better after this quick run and was thankful I crawled out of bed when all was said and done.  This is the first time I’ve used this strategy of a very short run on a rest day, so I’ll let you all know tomorrow how it goes!

Fun Food/Picture Review of the Week

So Friday’s I normally do my workout and fun food recaps…but this week has been quite abnormal you could say :).  With the wedding I never made a workout schedule, or any schedule for that matter. BUT my workouts looked like this for the week:

  • Saturday 9/7 – 4 mile run in Boulder
  • Sunday 9/8 – Wedding Rest
  • Monday 9/9 – 8.3 mile Hike
  • Tuesday 9/10 – 4.25 mile run + 20 weights
  • Wednesday 9/11 – 60 minutes total spinning + 30 minutes weights
  • Thursday 9/12 – 75 minute vinyasa yoga class and 4 mile run with mile repeats
  • Friday 9/13 – 20 minute 2 + mile treadmill run

Not to shabby . . . but please know that I am making up for it in cake and sugar.

And of course,  some pictures of my favorite grub of the week 🙂


The wedding cake that I have been eating for 4 days straight.  Yes.  Who says cake isn’t a balanced food group?

DSCN0752 DSCN0749

The chicken ceaser salad and wine that I had Thursday before the wedding.  Honestly I was so stressed and STARVING by this point, it was probably the best meal I’ve ever had.  Thank you DiCiccios in Arvada, CO!


Poorly photographed, but the greek salad I had later that night.  Seriously, Indulge in Golden has some of the best chicken I’ve ever had.


The croussant sammie Zoe and I both got from the Windy Sadle in Golden.  It absolutely hit the spot before our hike.


The (apple, thought it was raspberry when he bought it) crumb cake my amazing hubbie got me as a surprise Tuesday morning.  DELISH and thoughtful.


And of course, our homemade pizzas.  How could I not include that?

DSCN0803 DSCN0802

The savory crepe I got from the Golden Farmers Market.  . . Oh the crepe.


And last but absolutely not least, taco night, and our first meal in the cast iron skillet.  YUM!

And just because it’s cute . . . another kitty Happy Friday 🙂


Question for the day:  What was the highlight of your week? I still feel a bit separated from everyone!

Question 2: Any wedding recap you all would like to see while I wait for our professional pics?

12 thoughts on “Another Rainy (Fri)Day

  1. Hi! I just moved to Denver in May, and stumbled upon your blog…love it! I totally agree that Colorado has made me fall in love with fitness and exercise! Stay dry today!!

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