Early Dismissal and Wedding Question?

Well . . . quite the first day back if I do say so myself.

The weather around Denver has been treacherous.  If you didn’t see my post earlier today, click here to read it.  The front range and Denver area have been slammed with intense rain, of “biblical proportions.”


My morning started off dark and rainy, with my yoga class


Before heading to work.

Well . . . it ended up being a short day.  We were all dismissed by 3 PM due to the rain and severe weather.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in danger, but thankfully my drive home was safe.  On top of that, our little corner of Denver is also safe, so my family and I are thankfully doing well.  Because of that fact, I took advantage of being home super early and actually hit the gym in our building for a little run.

Afternoon Workout: 4 mile run with 1 mile repeats @ 7.0

This workout took me a little over 35 minutes to complete and I felt MUCH better after.


Not new . . . but you all get the idea 🙂

Can I be totally honest with you guys?

I have felt like puffy mc. pufferson with all the delicious eating, specifically cake, through our wedding week. . . so it felt really good to sweat it out a bit.

Now of course, that’s not going to stop me from eating more cake.  We still have lots and it is our wedding cake for goodness sake. . . but I’m working on eating healthy otherwise and upping my workouts a bit for the next week or so to make up for it.  So no worries if you all notice that . . . just trying to make sure none of that extra grub and cake sticks to the midsection for TOO long.  Let me tell you. . . all of the food and cake were and are absolutely worth it and I have ZERO guilt.  Which actually, feels pretty awesome to be honest.  

So, after I was able to sweat out some sugar.  I did the complete opposite and took advantage of the early dismissal by curling up with my book, puppy, water and a healthy snack.


Thanks to the time off, I am cruising through Insurgent.  It’s just as good as Divergent, and now I’m just starting to worry about finishing it!  I get so attached to characters, especially in trilogies or series.

I read until Zach was done with working for the afternoon.

We hung out and watched some Thursday night football. . . which was just weird because my body really has no idea what day of the week it is.  Nice surprise that it’s already Thursday – Thank you vacation!

Around 645, we started working on dinner.

Open face sammies and salads on the menu tonight.


On my sammie

  • Delicious bread from CostCo
  • Basil
  • Tomato
  • Peppered turkey
  • Mustard
  • A little cheddar cheese


And of course, my side salad:

  • Bibb lettuce
  • Green pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Thai peanut dressing

Open face sammies are definitely a favorite in our household.

And I’ll give you guys two guesses as to what is going to be the ending of our evening:


And just like that — it’s time to relax and shut off for the night.  Fingers crossed that I’m once again called off for work tomorrow.  But most importantly, fingers crossed that everyone stays safe!

Wedding Updates Question:  You all have seemed to love the wedding updates, which means so much to me :). I was thinking that I’d save the “big event” update until after I get professional pictures.  SO — In the meantime, I’m open to writing updates about anything else wedding.  Please give me some ideas or things you’re curious about?

  • Guest counts/Guests
  • Music
  • Vows?
  • Vendors?

Anything really! Just shoot me a note in the comments or email and I’ll be happy to devote some more posts to the wedding :).  I mean come on, it was the best day of my life and all :).

Stay Safe Denver

Here’s the morning update from NWS Denver:






How scary is that?

Here are some pictures Zach sent me from the Platt River and Cherry Creek, running near downtown.








And from what I understand, Denver is NOT getting the worst of it.  Here is a picture from Boulder last night:



Please stay safe everyone!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Denver’s normal sunny skies.

Thoughts and prayers with everyone who is in danger.




Back to Work and New (daily) Favorite Wedding Photo

Good Morning and Happy Thursday all.

Today is my first day back in the real world, and first day at work as Mrs. Ashley Jara.  While it’s kind of a bummer to be returning to work (duhh),  it had to happen eventually so I’m trying to take it in stride :).

I decided last night that a yoga class would be the perfect way to reset from vacation, physically and mentally.  I’ve actually been pretty active (although I haven’t gotten in a long enough run in the past 2 weeks. . . but I’ll work on that) during the wedding vacay, so I knew a class would do the body good.

So — this morning I got myself out of bed at 600 AM, even though it’s my late start day, to make it to Root Yoga and a Vinyasa 1/2 class.

Workout of the Day: 75 minute Root Yoga Vinyasa Class



The class was actually the first Thursday morning vinyasa class, and it was instructed by the same teacher who’s class I previously took that primarily teachers Forrest.


Because of that, I actually thought the class was a good mix of vinyasa and forrest, and was the perfect way for me to wake up my mind and body.



I felt like she worked quite a bit on the hips and shoulders, which is EXACTLY what this little runner needed.   While I hardly broke a sweat, I know this class worked me just right and will be thanking me for it for the next few days.

The yoga was made even more southing by the rain that Denver continues to be slammed with.



The Platte River is completely swollen and flowing frighteningly fast, but was a very cool sight on my rainy walk home.

So now, it’s just before 820 and I don’t have to be to work until 10.  I’m going to enjoy the rest of my coffee, and possibly hang out with my favorite 8 minute friends for a little muscle action before work ;).

But, before I leave you, I of course have to share my most resent favorite wedding photo.



Awwwwe happy couple :).

Question of the day:  What’s the best way you know to reset and head back to reality after an awesome vacation?