Wedding Weekend Recap # 2


Life is finally starting to slow down and will hopefully start to look like normal here in the next day or two.  We just got back from an amazing hike with Zach’s brother and sister in law, and good friend from school who have stayed with us since the wedding.

Zach is taking his brother and sister in law to the airport now, and Stu, his groomsman and seriously one of my favorite people in the world, will be going back home tomorrow.

But, until Thursday, when I head back to work, I’m enjoying wedding vacation time :).

For now, I want to recap Thursday, probably one of the craziest days leading up to the wedding and our entire weekend.

Feel free to check out the first recap, pre wedding,here


Getting to Golden

Thursday started with a good run (7.3 with a bit of walking and thinking time :))

Picture 010


By the time I got back from the run,  everyone else was gone and Zach and I enjoyed a bit of quiet time together before the storm.  Surprisingly enough, there were still a couple things to get done, like giving the photographer family lists and finalizing details with caterers and vendors that needed to be done.

Before I knew it, it was 12:00 and I needed to get my  nails done and get to my dress appointment before 2:00 pm.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten a chance to eat ANYTHING since my run.  No eating + wedding stress = hangry Ashley.  Poor Zach put up with my rath until I left a few minutes later and just decided to get my nails done. The way I saw it, my nails needed to be done and I could really eat anytime.

Well thankfully, I was able to fit in my nails and get to Arvada for my dress pick up in PLENTY of time.  I actually got there about 30 minutes early… Thankfully, my seamstress was very understanding and let me go get lunch, and a HIGHLY needed glass of wine while my dress finished steaming.



My seamstress recommended DiCicco’s, a little Italian restaurant in downtown.

I started RIGHT away with a glass of riesling and the warm bread basket.





Honestly, I was like a whole new person once I got this in me.   But of course, I had to order some real food too 🙂







A chicken caesar salad with PERFECT light dressing and four delicious little pieces of garlic butter toast.  YUM.

I enjoyed lunch by myself on their patio while writing my vows, which was actually the perfect way to gather my thoughts and just settle myself down.



I LOVED DiCicco’s and would absolutely go back if and when I’m back in Arvada.  They took great care of this stressed out bride :).

Once I finished my lunch, my dress was ready to go.  I picked it up and ran it home before Zach got back form errands with his mom.

Thankfully, timing worked out well allowing Zach and myself to hang out with his family for a bit before heading to Golden and the hotel for the weekend.

Around 445, my parents made it into town with my grandmother and great aunt, and we drove into Golden.

We got checked in and headed back out for a drink and to enjoy Golden right away.

DSCN0759 DSCN0760




My parents and I met up with my grandma and great aunt for a quick drink at the hotel cantina before dinner.



DSCN0769 DSCN0771


Everything definitely started to get a little more real by this point.

We were in the location, family was starting to come in, and people were ready to go!

We enjoyed a glass of wine before heading to Indulge, a wine bar in Golden for dinner.

DSCN0772 DSCN0773


I had been to Indulge once before with Zach, and loved it.

For my dinner, I ordered the greek salad with chicken, and it was AMAZING.



It was so nice for me to spend some one on one time with my parents.

Honestly, I highly recommend this to couples getting married.  Zach took some time with his family and I took some time with my own before the craziness took over.  It was really great to reflect and just enjoy my family.  What an amazing and emotional time for us all, and I think it was really important that we got some time to be with just each other.

After indulge, we went walking around Golden for a bit, where I found a pretty stellar, unphotographed, peanut butter cup.

By the end of the night, my mom and I hung out for a bit in the hotel bar and watched the Bronco’s game while chatting.  I honestly just soaked up every bit of one on one time with people I had the entire weekend.  There is no value to it, honestly.

Eventually, Zach and his family made it to the hotel bar, and we were all able to hang out together for a bit and share in all of our excitement.  It was getting VERY close and we were all just counting down.

Claire, my sister-in-law and I, went back to the hotel room about 11 PM and waited for Zoe, my maid of honor, and friends to get into town.

Once everyone showed up, we stayed up well past 1 am chatting and catching up.  How amazing is it to have all your friends and family in one place, honestly?

Finally, around 2 AM we went to bed.  We had a busy day Friday, and wanted to try and at least get some rest 🙂