3 Days and My 3 Favorite Snacks

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day All 🙂



3 days until the big day.

Wedding goal for the day:  Continue work on Vows.

I don’t even have words anymore at this point!

I’ve got one day left of work, and at 5 PM tonight the fun begins.  Zach’s brother and sister and law are coming in town as we speak and spending the night with us.

I couldn’t be MORE excited to spend a few quiet hours with them before the festivities begin.  I can only imagine what words of wisdom they may have.  🙂 Specifically what it’s like to be married to a Jara boy ;).

To stick with the theme of 3’s…I wanted to also share some thoughts with you all in the form of 3’s.

While I LOVE to switch things up for dinners and pretty much any meal over the weekends, during the week I tend to get in snack ruts.  I find things I like, an eat them daily.  Is anyone else like this?  To be honest, right now, there are 3 things that I am eating each and every day at work, without fail.



Picture 011


Yes, you MUST find and try this yogurt.  Like, now.  I know I proclaimed my love for Noosa, and it will always stand, but this is one SWEET treat.   It’s creamy and full of cinnamon spice, with little chips thrown in as icing on the cake.  And with some pretty stellar stats if you ask me (7 grams of protein, 130 calories?)


I know I’ve proclaimed my love for thinkThin bars before, but honestly I eat one a day at work.  They are like candy bars, but without added sugar, and 20 grams of protein.  My favorite by FAR is the Chunky Peanut Butter, but I’ve also tried some others and been happy with them all.



Is it just me or is fresh fruit AMAZING right now?  I’m literally eating it multiple times a day each day.  Cantelope is a front runer right now, but apples and peaches are right up there!

Workout For the Day:  YOGA

This morning I completed my favorite Seated Hatha Yoga class.  I have a long run planned for tomorrow (with an undecided distance goal…), so today was a rescheduled rest day.

I had also planned possible arms and abs via my favorite 8 minute videos, but decided to skip it.  I am struggling with work out motivation at the moment, and knew that if I am sore tomorrow, my long run has NO chance.

Question of the Day: Is anybody else struggling with work out motivation right now?  I’m hopeful that it’s just a busy mind, but I’m happy to hear from anymore else who is struggling or who is coming out of struggling with lack of motivation.

14 thoughts on “3 Days and My 3 Favorite Snacks

  1. I find when I struggle I like to write it down (my workout for the day) and keep it where I can see it every day. Then it’s on my list of things to do before a few other things (TV etc). Happy 3 days to go!!!!

  2. OMG that yogurt looks amazing! I want to try those as dessert…or for every meal. My fav thinkThin Bar is White Chocolate!

    And yes, I too am struggling to find motivation- but you already knew that because we’re twins 😉 I was able to run 3 miles yesterday without shin issues, and will attempt a 5 miler today!

    Wooooo 3 days!!!

  3. Okay girl, so I think you’re allowed to struggle with a bit of a lack of workout motivation the few days before your wedding. Just sayin’. 🙂
    Haven’t tried that yogurt but I’m pretty sure they could make anything in a Cinnamon Roll flavor and I’d buy it. I had a Cinn Roll flavored Quest bar for breakfast this am – delish.
    Enjoy your wedding prep week!

  4. You may be struggling because you are getting married in 3 days!! Haha, your poor body is probably just too antsy to stick to a plan. I would recommend doing whatever feels good for the next week. You deserve it! Congrats on the wedding! How exciting!

    • A lot of people are telling me that — and in my right mind I KNOW that, but also am craving a good sweat session to keep stress levels down haha. It’s OK though, today I’ll be busy and then tomorrow will hopefully get my big work out in for the week and can just enjoy the ride otherwise 🙂

  5. I know I have zero motivation to workout right now. I skipped my workout yesterday, and maybe Monday, and I know today will be a struggle to make it happen. All i want to do is take a nap.

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