Back to Normal Business

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day!

We are officially back in Denver, settled, and back to normal business after a whirlwind weekend in New York.

Well, it’s back to business for a few days at least…



That’s right all, 5 day.  5 big ones until the big day.

I must say, going to a wedding across the country a week before your own may not be for everyone, but we made it!

This morning, I woke up ready to reset my body and find some routine to settle into until our own craziness begins.   After a weekend of exploring a new area by running, by body was more than happy to take a reset with some yoga.

I stepped out into my own personal yoga oasis for a morning of  stretching and healing.

DSCN0722 DSCN0723


Pretty sweet set up I have there on our upstairs patio, huh? 🙂

Workout for the Morning:  YOGA for runners.

My travel and running fatigued body was VERY grateful for some TLC.

I spent some time this weekend thinking about how I was going to structure my work outs this week.  I know that flexibility will be key, but because I’ve been thinking ahead I’ve structured work outs in a way that I WILL be able to be flexible.

First, I didn’t take Friday completely off like I normally do.  I knew that traveling makes me stir crazy, so getting a quick and dirty work out in was best for all involved :).

I skipped a true long run last week, and just integrated some longer runs during the week, and left myself open to do shorter runs over the weekend, when I knew I’d be traveling and have less time and access to equipment.

Overall, it’s worked out very well and I now have a very loose schedule for the wedding week.

Workout Plan for WEDDING WEEK

  • Monday:  YOGA YOGA YOGA
  • Tuesday:  4 easy miles
  • Wednesday: Easy day: yoga + strength for arms and abs (8 minute videos anyone? 😉
  • Thursday:  Long Run
  • Friday: Hike with friends
  • Saturday: Wedding Run in Golden with my Maid of Honor
  • Sunday:  Back in being a newlywed 🙂

So, yes, it looks very different than my normal schedules, but seems like a good set up for a busy/amazing week.  What do you think?

And now, I’m enjoying some morning coffee while chatting with you and planning out our Labor Day.


Adorable, no?

So far our Labor Day includes:

  • Trip to the vet for updated shots for Gusman
  • Trip to Macy’s for returns and possible wedding day gifts for each other
  • Unloading some exciting wedding gifts (pictures to come 🙂
  • Pizza night
  • Possible movie night

I also may squeeze in some strength strength for runners before starting the day. . . yoga and coffee has woken up my muscles 🙂

I’ll be back later this afternoon to continue the New York recap!  Wedding post to come!

Question for the Morning:  Please tell me what you’ve been up to!  I’ve missed everyone!


6 thoughts on “Back to Normal Business

  1. Oh wow, only one week until the big day? Awesome!!! You two have a honeymoon planned? I can’t wait to see photos of the wedding!
    My week’s been uneventful but the next few days are going to be CRAZY!

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