A Treadmill 10K and Single Digits

Good morning all and Happy Thursday.

Once again I have to thank everyone for all the love and support on Our Engagement Story post!  We’re now in the single digits until the wedding, and it’s amazing how much love and support I feel from everyone around us.  I’m a sappy happy girl right now ;).


Thursdays are my late start days, so I planned a longer run this morning figuring I wouldn’t get a super long run in this weekend in New York.

When I woke up this AM, I did NOT think the 10K would happen..,after only 3 weeks off official strength training, my body had reminded me how sore I can be after a good workout.

Yesterday I was this

inspiration 2\

This morning I was more like. . .



BUT — I crawled myself out of bed and made an agreement that I could just hit the treadmill to keep it an easy pace, and reassess how I feel every 10 or 15 minutes in the run (makes it much more manageable for me).

After 30 minutes, I was absolutely feeling more open and knew that I could finish this one out as planned.  Now I have freedom to enjoy this weekend and my weekend runs that much more, knowing I’ve up’d my mileage a bit through out the week.

Workout of the Day:  10K on the treadmill

  • steady run for 15 minutes between 6.1-6.2
  • steady run 6.2-6.4 with one minute at 8.0 every five minutes

To be honest, the only reason I throw in the 8.0 minutes is because it moves my run along SO much faster on the treadmill.  If I just do steady state running on the ‘mill, I go CRAZY.  When I throw in something different, it gives me smaller time blocks to focus on, making it much more manageable.   It works for me 🙂

So that was my morning workout.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to do a short run tomorrow, then another longer run Saturday, or take tomorrow completely off and try and up the mileage a bit more.  We’ll see how I feel in the morning I guess :).

Tonight, Zach and I, once again, have fun plans



The final preseason Bronco’s game!

I won the tickets in a raffle at work (105 dollars for a preseason game, YIKES!) and figured it will probably be our only opportunity to go to a game in the next year or two (hello wedding spending).   We are both really excited.  I even get to leave work a little early to make the game (and have no work tomorrow as we leave for NY, YAY!).

I’ll be back this afternoon with a review of our sushi meal last night, and even later for a review of the game :)!  For now it’s time to head to work!

Question for the Morning:  What do you do to make treadmill running more interesting?

15 thoughts on “A Treadmill 10K and Single Digits

  1. For me, sometimes the hardest part is lacing up my shoes and getting started. Once I’ve started I’m usually good to go! The treadmill at my gym has TVs so I always watch the news in the morning (I know, nerd alert.) That helps time fly by for me 🙂 AHHH SINGLE DIGITS!

  2. I run 10k’s on the treadmill quite a bit because I just don’t feel like the 3-4 miles cuts it. I find it much easier on a treadmill if I go at a time of day when I know is best for me: by 7am with an empty stomach. I’ve only had a few occasions when i get bored and for those moments I chose to either watch Mamma Mia! on my phone, or rock out to 90’s pop music interspersed with some Akon or FloRida. I know, odd combo. 🙂

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