Happy Hump Day and The Return of the Weights

Happy Wednesday and Happy Hump Day All 🙂



ummm…hello hysterical baby!

Can I just say one thing before I get to business?



Something hit me last night. I can’t really describe it, but as Zach and I were laying in bed it started to hit me just how close we really are.  How amazing is this? 🙂

This morning’s work out was a return to the weights, in the best possible way 🙂

Workout Of the Day:  30 minutes stationary bike + 30 minutes strength training

So it looked like this:

  • 30 minutes bike for cardio warm up
  • Forearm plank (60 seconds)
  • Side plank (60 seconds R & L)
  • Bridge kicks (10 each side)
  • Forward Squats with weights and side twist (10 lbs, 10 X each side)
  • Bent over row (8 lbs, 10 X each side)
  • Push up row (8 lbs, 10 X each side)
  • Tricep dips (15 reps)
  • Incline sit ups (15 reps)

The 30 minute bike ride was stationary.  With the strength portion done is 2 sets of 4 exercises repeated twice (So the plank, side planks, bridge kicks and squats all done as a super set, then repeated.  Followed by the bent rows, push up rows, tricep dips, and incline sit ups, repeated).

This workout was a great way to reintroduce myself back to formal strength training.  I based it upon 2 different work outs I found in Women’s Health Weight Loss Guide that I picked up at the airport awhile back.



It actually felt really good to do some strength training again.

I get in ruts where I feel like the only way to get in a good work out is with a run, but that just isn’t true.  I know it is so important to strengthen your body, and the quickest and most efficient way of doing that is pushing yourself in strength training.  Not to mention, you do leave feeling pretty strong with those muscles sticking out ;).

That’s really all I’ve got for you this morning.  Zach and I have a crazy busy couple of weeks ahead of us, so tonight he is taking me out to a sushi date night :).  I’m already excited!

And I want to leave you all with an adorable picture from my evening last night. . .



Aren’t my boys adorable?  Happy Wednesday All! 🙂

Question for the Morning:  Do you get in work out ruts?  What is your go-to work out when you’re bored or not feeling a sweat session?


8 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day and The Return of the Weights

  1. When I first started running these long distances, I made the mistake of letting my strength workouts slide. I paid for it with injuries. Now I never skip a weight session or yoga class that I have on my schedule, and I’ve been injury free for a couple years. Keep it up!

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