A (postponed) AM workout and Vitamins

So I failed this morning.


I had every excuse in the world flowing through my head.

“I’ve been so busy the last two weeks I haven’t been able to work out in the afternoon.  I should wait until the afternoon and see how I feel.”

“Zach is riding tonight so he’ll need to be working when I get home…”

“I deserve to sleep in”

The list goes on, and the reality is, I was happy to sleep in a bit this morning.  I’m OK with it.  Sometimes sleep is more important, and to be honest I know myself and know that I will get a workout in this afternoon.  This morning sleep just seemed more important.  I’m flexible, it’s OK.   I know you all won’t judge me.

So, because I’m confident I’m going to get this workout in this afternoon, I am going to put it out there as

PLANNED workout for the day.

  • Music run to the Fall Out Boy CD
  • Steady run for one song
  • 10 songs 6.0-6.2 for song, 8.0 for chorus
  • 2 song cool down steady run

I’m not sure what kind of mileage or distance this is going to be, but I know it’ll be a strong run 🙂  Thanks for understand, and for holding me accountable 🙂

Vitamin Conversation

I’ve never been a good vitamin taker.  Except maybe as a kid, I am certain that I was Flinstone strong through and through.

As an adult, I’ve tried to take vitamins on a couple of occasions, but have never been consistent with them. I take them for a few days, then fall off and forget about them.  I always justify it with the fact that I try and eat a healthy, balanced diet and likely don’t NEED vitamin supplements.

Then, I met gummie vitamins.

Picture 002 Picture 001

And now I have absolutely no problem remembering my vitamins.  In fact, they are my favorite part of most mornings.  I take two women’s multivitamins and two calcium supplements with vitamin D.  I’ve read that as a runner the calcium is really good for bone and joint health, specifically for someone who doesn’t like milk or much dairy (unless ice cream counts).

This AM, as I was taking my vitamins, I started thinking a bit though.  These are literally sugar covered gummies, with lots of vitamins mixed in them.  I eat 2 of them, and then just want more sugar all through out the morning (I guess I still get the sugar effect from them, even though their vitamins).

Would it be healthier for me to just make a concerted effort to get more natural vitamins in my diet, specifically in the AM?  Like what if I started every morning with a healthy homemade juice (Zach would love that!)?  I guarentee, the only reason I remember to take these vitamins is because I basically now get to start my day with candy…

This is something I really have no clue about, and wanted to reach out to my bloggie friends and get your opinions.   Please feel free to weigh in with any thoughts, opinions, concerns.

Please note that I am NOT a doctor, just something I was thinking about this morning!

Happy Tuesday All 🙂

Question For the Day:  Any thoughts on vitamins yourself?

26 thoughts on “A (postponed) AM workout and Vitamins

  1. I looked at the gummy vitamins when I was getting mine the other day… They are SO expensive! But, I take a few supplements every day (it was really hard for me to get into the habit, but I had to take blood thinners every day for my blood clot when my ankle was broken so that really helped!), morning and night, so I just add the multi-vitamin to the evening dose.

    Is there high fructose corn-syrup in those vitamins? That could be what is causing you to crave more sugar in the mornings after you take them. I read somewhere that high fructose corn-syrup can cause a bit of “the munchies”.

  2. I love that you plan your workouts to Fallout Boy!!! They are one of my faves. And props to you for sleeping in. It’s nice to reward yourself every once in a while. It sounds like you are pretty strict with yourself most of the time!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

  3. I have never been a morning person. I tried working out in the morning and just couldn’t get into it. When I work out after work, I’ve had a couple of meals in me and I feel like I have more energy and focus.

    I recently started taking my vitamins before bed instead of in the morning. I seem to be more mentally alert with this schedule. No science behind it, just something I noticed.

    • I actually feel stronger when I work out in the afternoon as well, and I’m confident it’s because I’ve eaten something. Before all my long runs I make sure to eat, but most mornings I’m just not hungry before I workout which is not great for a good sweat session.

      I used to take them before bed too, so that they wouldn’t upset my stomach. I may need to go back to that routine. I never noticed the mental alertness, but I should try and focus on that.

  4. I take a vitamin B12, Vitamin D, MultiVitamin and Biotin. I used to feel like I was getting enough nutrients from my food, but now I take vitamins every day, just to have balance and make sure I’m getting everything on the days I don’t eat as healthy as I should. 🙂

  5. I go back and forth with how I feel about vitamins. I have those same gummi vitamins in my cabinet right now, and I’ve been taking them again lately. They don’t have an HFCS in them, but they do have sugar, and if they’re making you crave more, you might want to reconsider. Like I said, I go back and forth.
    In general, I feel that if you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, you shouldn’t need supplements. But, like you, I don’t like milk or dairy (except ice cream, which I LOVE) so I think I probably don’t get enough B12 in my diet.
    I also take an iron supplement.

    • It’s so nice to know I’m not alone… It’s tough when you really do go back and forth. I’m starting to think about not taking them EVERYDAY. Choosing to make an effort to get enough nutrients in my diets, and maybe days where I slack add them in at the end of a day, when I can go to sleep to keep from the sugar attack!

  6. As long as you are taking in a balanced diet with fruits and veggies, you don’t really need a multivitamin (I had a professor refer to most multivitamins as “expensive pee makers” because the majority of the ingredients aren’t necessary and with the water soluble vitamins such as all the B’s and C, your body just takes what it needs and then ends up excreting the rest into your urine). Other supplements like Calcium+D probably is a good routine to get in since you’ve never been much of a milk drinker, but make sure youre taking them correctly (taking these then drinking coffee will completely defeat the purpose). I take a multi just because sometimes, and for the folic acid in it for my brittle hair and nails, and because the bottle is right next to glucosamine which i take for my awful joints 😉 Hope this helps

  7. I got a nutribullet and make juice almost every morning. I love it because you can play around with different fruits and veggies and makes some really delicious combinations!

  8. Haha I loved Flinestone vitamins! Those gummy vitamins are also available at Costco (at least in CA). I agree that it is best to get vitamins/minerals from your food, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Vitamins are a great way to pick up the slack! I love the taste of those gummy vitamins too, but they do add more Calories and sugar. So I tend to take regular swallow-able vitamins, and then when I’m craving sugar I take the “candy” haha.

  9. Love that your workout was planned around 1 entire CD! That’s awesome. I haven’t run with music in a number of years but have been thinking about getting back into it.
    I normally don’t get vitamins however when we decided to start trying to get pregnant with #1 I took a prenatal multi-vitamin a few months before we started trying. I haven’t stopped taking them since I am still Bfeeding #2. I can’t decide if i’ll take vitamins after I finish nursing #2.
    Hope you had a great workout.

  10. that’s EXACTLY what i take in the morning! it was suggested to me by my gyno. i’ve been doing that morning routine for two years now. she says to take a little B12 and C when i feel like a cold is coming on. i haven’t been sick since then! i don’t know if that has something to do with it or that i’ve built up a resistance to germ kids.

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  12. Those gummy vitamins are tempting because who doesn’t love gummies? I don’t know much about vitamins or supplements. Personally I am into minimalism so I take a women’s multivitamin every day and that’s it. Keeps things simple, but I don’t know what’s really necessary or not.
    Sleeping is a wonderful thing. Sleep all you want, the point is that you got out there and exercised, too! Ugh, last night I lost 2 hours for who knows what reason. I’m just glad my body didn’t seem to notice all day at work. Or during 30DS. Or during an hour of racquetball after that!

      • I lost two hours of sleep in the middle of the night around 3am, but eventually got back to sleep! But the alarm went off at 6:30am. Blah. Yeah, went to work, got home, did 30DS, went to racquetball, and now get to relax a little. It’s just one of those busy kind of weeks.

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