Workout Plan For the Week: August 26, 2013.

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone.   Hope you all are starting off the week on a good note 🙂



My morning is starting with a new to me apple:  ginger granny smith from the farmer’s market.  YUM!  So much flavor…

And a not so healthy snack for later . . .



I was weak this weekend and bought them from Sprouts.

Pop tarts are something I LOVED as a kid that has unfortunately not left me.  At least these are natural and organic, right?  All about balance 🙂  And now onto normal Monday morning business 🙂

Workout Schedule


Remembering the theme of flexibility around here, I created a schedule of work outs for the week.

Zach and I are going to the Bronco’s game Thursday night and leaving fairly early Friday morning for New York for the wedding of one of his college roommates.

I do hope to squeeze in a long run while I’m in New York, but I’m not setting a distance/time goal.  I’m also giving myself some flexibility to not get it in this week if it means sacrificing time with friends during an exciting weekend.

Workout Plan For the Week:  August 26, 2013

  • Monday – YOGA + 20 minute progressive speed work on the treadmill
  • Tuesday – 5+ mile steady run
  • Wednesday –  30 minutes spinning 30 minutes strength training/circuit training
  • Thursday – 10k run
  • Friday – Yoga/Rest – Fly to New York
  • Saturday – Long Run
  • Sunday – Recovery run

I planned my weekday runs to be a tad longer to help counteract the potential lack of long runs this week, and cutting back on the speed work.  Of course, I am going to listen to my body and respect what it tells me, as always 🙂

Workout for the Day:

My workout for the day was exactly as planned, although if I’m being totally honest, I was not really feeling it.  Primarily wasn’t feeling the speed work, even though it was only 20 minutes.  BUT — I did squeeze into my big girl pants and got it done, and as always am a happy camper now 🙂

Workout for the Day August 26, 2013: Yoga + speed work

Today my speed work was a 20 minute progressive run that looked like:

  • Minute 1: 6.0
  • Minute 2: 6.5
  • Minute 3: 6.6
  • Minute 4: 6.7
  • Minute 5: 6.8
  • Minute 6: 6.9
  • Minute 7: 7.0
  • Minute 8: 7.1
  • Minute 9: 7.2
  • Minute 10: 7.3
  • Minute 11: 7.4
  • Minute 12: 7.5
  • Minute 13: 7.6
  • Minute 14. 7.7
  • Minute 15: 7.8
  • Minute 16: 7.9
  • Minute 17: 8.0
  • Minute 18: 8.1
  • Minute 19: 8.2
  • Minute 20: 8.3

Once again, I left a sweaty mess and legs exhausted but ready for the day 🙂

And now . . . I’m at work ready for a busy day!

I do have some fun planned for the afternoon though :).  I finished Divergence, so I have a planned review for this afternoon.

AND I have a little adventure to take on the west line this afternoon….That will be a fun write up!

Have a good morning!

14 thoughts on “Workout Plan For the Week: August 26, 2013.

  1. There is a running store in NYC near Central Park…I’m drawing a blank on the name…But they had a Saturday morning social run. At least they did a couple years ago when I was there last. It was fun and I got to cross “Run through Central Park” off the bucket list! You might be able to find them!

  2. Wow love your workout schedule and great job on your run this AM! It makes me tired just looking at it.

    And since I’m a total snooper, way to go on your job! We need more people like you out there! Kyle’s sister used to do something similar, working for a non-profit that helped homeless find jobs.

  3. i’m not really much of a runner, but i admire it so much in people. and i admire that you’re a social worker. i teach at a school for at-risk kids so i work with social workers all the time. y’all are definitely gifted at what you do!

  4. I love that you increased your speed each minute. I’m still getting my footing with my running, and I’ve been able to maintain 4.4ish. I can’t wait to be able to work up to the point where I can get where you are. Some people are just natural runners, but how long do you think you had to work at your speed?

    • Running is such a journey. . . my fiance is super speedy and his brother is an elite marathoner, so it’s also all about context. I have found that I had to work at making running all about myself, and not compare my own running to anyone else. About a year and a half ago I could hardly do a mile under 10 minutes, and now I’ve run multiple halves, one just under 10 minute miles. It’s all about small victories 🙂

      • Definitely and I know I can’t compare myself to others, but i know I can be faster eventually. When I was in high school (8/9 years ago) I was in Air Force ROTC and my mile was about 7:35. While I don’t believe I will be that fast again because my body is very different than what it was then, I am trying to get my mile under 10 minutes. Right now I want to get it under 13 and work it down from there.

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