Another Long Run In The Books and I Feel Great :)





Obviously I was struggling a bit this morning with my looming long run ahead, but that’s fairly normal for this girl.


But I’m glad you guys liked the running quotes.  They got me motivated, laughing, and ready to go this morning for what ended up being a pretty great run.

Workout of the Day and Long Run of the Week:  10.20 miles in 100 minutes.


The morning started out like every Saturday morning.  Pre-run Larabar (thankfully Gus didn’t eat this one!)


I was feeling the PB chocolate this week.  Good choice me.


And a coffee in my favorite mug 🙂 14 days!

After I got my big girl pants on, I hit the road about 830.  Unfortunately, it was already fairly warm.

I decided to hit Cherry Creek Trail again since I knew it was going to be a hot one, and at least the trail provides a lot of shade.





Cherry Creek trail runs along the Platt River and is about as flat as it gets around here, which is nice for long runs.  In my 10.20  miles, I only got about 195 feet elevation gain, which is pretty minimal here in Denver.

The trail goes out about 4 miles from my apartment until it reaches an end point in the neighborhood of Cherry Creek.

I had quite a bit of running to do still this morning, so I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for awhile…

House shop in Cherry Creek :).



You can’t see it but there is a BEAUTIFUL home behind that huge garden (and sun)




It was a nice distraction between miles 4.5 and 6 to be running by these houses.  A girl can dream for the future, right? 😉

The  neighborhood was my turn around and fuel up point.



My favorite, pink lemonade honey stingers.  They come highly recommended by this girl.

I ended up having a bit of time left after I got off Cherry Creek, so I just ran around the neighborhood until my 100 minutes were up.

DSCN0524 DSCN0525


100 minutes  and 10.20 miles later, I was done.

This was a strong run, mentally, for me this morning.

During my training for Steamboat, I struggled keeping pace without breaks, so I got in a bad habit of breaking often during long runs.  Something I’m learning is that taking more breaks actually causes me to struggle in my runs.

It takes me some time to get into the zone and just feel natural with my pace and movements.  When I constantly take breaks, I never really allow myself to get in that zone, I just get stuck in the uncomfortable nature of the run.

That’s never good.

Today, I focused on pushing through and not allowing myself to break except for my turn around and fuel up point, and overall I feel like it worked for me.




Blurry splits.

Overall I am VERY happy with this run!  None of my splits were over 10 (one right at 10), and I kept a fairly constant pace through out.  Not bad Ashley 🙂

Now I’m enjoying my favorite post long run breakfast and relaxing with the furballs and Zach.


Don’t you worry, I will eat both halves of the bagel. I just like to do one at a time so it stays warm and melty 🙂



I think there is some baking (raspberry jam per Zach’s request, and maybe boxed brownies, haha) and a trip to DBC for some beers this afternoon.  A-OK by me!

Question of the Day:  What was your work out this morning?  Who else had a long run?

13 thoughts on “Another Long Run In The Books and I Feel Great :)

  1. AMAZING job on your run! Love your mug and your location choice for your run- looks beautiful! Since we are the same person, I need to try your pink lemonade honey stingers (I like their gels, so why not). BTW we have the same Garmin watch haha- doesn’t surprise me anymore. Congrats on your long run 🙂

  2. Happy you had a good long run! I ran long this morning, too, but mine didn’t go quite so well 😦
    You’re lucky to have a running path like that right outside your door! I used to live in Colorado, and the abundance of walking and bike trails is probably what I miss most.

  3. Sounds like a great run! (love your mug!)

    My workout today was keeping up with four 3-year-olds and 4 babies (3-8 months old) at a play date!

    How do you like your Garmin? I really want one (for the last year +) but looking for opinions 🙂

    • I LOVE my garmin. I just have to work on not obsessing about it. Especially on long runs, I work on staying at a pace my body can handle and just using the garmin as a reference at the end of a run. Easier said then done. It’s GREAT to have the garmin as a reference for length in runs, and it’s great for speed work or if you need to make pace!

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