Thank You . . . Cheers and Dinner

Thank you all so much for all the love and support you’ve shown the past few days 🙂 With all these wedding heavy posts lately, everyone has been sharing their love and excitement for Zach and I and it really means a lot to me.

This is such a unique and special time in our lives and I’m so thankful that I will have this new blog to look back on during this time.  This last month has been a bit hectic and crazy, but I wouldn’t have changed a second.  So thank you to  everyone for being a part of it! 🙂



When I first looked up group hug, this is what I found.

group hug

ummmm…. not so much what I had in mind.

Moving on 🙂

As always, Thursdays are my late nights at work, so my go-to plans are to get food in my belly ASAP and relax.  Normally with bad TV.

Tonight I came home to a homemade salad and steak ready to go on the grill prepared by the boy.



Salad included

  • fresh greens (lots of kale tonight)
  • fresh basil
  • broccoli
  • garden tomatoes
  • a few grapes
  • a new-to-me Sante Fe Blend dressing

Does anybody else LOVE salads the way I do?  I hope you all don’t mind that at least half of the meals I post on here include some kind of salad or side salad.  I love the mix of different flavors and ingredients, what can I say 🙂 Especially now that we have our own little garden that or salad stars can come from!





Our little urban veggie and flower oaisis.



And now, Zach and I are off to enjoy the evening with the last part of the gift his work group sent us this morning.

Something about champagne always makes me feel happy.  We never have it, but after a day like today, is there a better way to top it off than a nice cheers of bubbly?


Question of the Day/Night:  Is there any meal/food you don’t get sick of?

For my married friends, what was your favorite memory pre-wedding?  And for my single friends, what are you most looking forward to in your big day?

13 thoughts on “Thank You . . . Cheers and Dinner

  1. I only get sick of foods when I eat them a million times in a row. I don’t ever get sick of yogurt or fruit or sweet stuff in general. Oh ice cream! I never get sick of ice cream. But I’m sure that’s not what you were asking about. lol

    Favorite pre-wedding memory… Not sure. The planning was a pain. Oh, the bachelorette party. Yep, that was the best memory. It wasn’t anything huge but we stayed at a nice casino and got a big suite with a jacuzzi. It was a surprise as they kidnapped me and didn’t say where we were going. Drank a lot, gambled, etc. Good times. Hubby went to Vegas with his BFF. Do you know what you’re doing yet?

    • I actually had a small party of my closest girlfriends last time I was home in St Louis. We had a limo and just drove around the city making stops at different bars and fun spots. Being girls 🙂 It was exactly what I wanted, lots of girl time 🙂

  2. That second group hug reminds me of a saying my old coworker used to say – “Oh the visual is too much!” I LOVE salad in a big way because it can be different every day. And wedding planning is fun! I just got remarried in March so that is all still fresh on my mind. My favorite part of wedding planning was honeymoon planning!

  3. I am constantly amazed with what the internet thinks of supplying when typing in certain phrases. One day I was making a picture schedule for something and they wanted a “can of pop” picture. Uhm… yeah. The pictures I got from that search were quite interesting. Hopefully the tech people at work have a good sense of humor. 🙂

  4. I have a salad 5 days a week for lunch at work — I love them!! And I love them even more when I find a new dressing (right now it’s Ken’s Asian Ginger. It’s even LITE!)

    I try really, really hard to eat healthy all week and then I eat whatever I want and exercise the HELL out of my weekend! 🙂

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