The Boy Picked THAT Movie

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day Friends 🙂

It’s all downhill from here, right? 🙂

It was a nice quiet evening in our household.  We watched a really old movie with baby Mark Walhberg, We Own The Night




A New York nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian mafia hit men.

Pretty obvious movie night was the boy’s choice this evening :).  It was a little hard to understand/follow for me at times, but We Own the Night kept our interest through to the end (which says a lot because both of us have a tendency to fall asleep during movies pretty easily).

So. . . movie and cookies it was.

Picture 001


We had the light low for the movie, so you can hardly tell what it is…but I’m sure it’s no surprise that these boxed cookies made their way into our evening at multiple points.

The cookies were my fuel for this mornings stationary bike ride.


I took my book (Divergent, getting close to finishing.  LOVE IT), and headed down to the gym for an hour on the stationary bike.

I had a slight head ache this morning, so I took it easy and just kept my legs moving.  In the end, it was

Workout for the Day: 60 minutes stationary bike ride – 20 miles

Picture 002


Nothing too exciting, but not too shabby either I guess.


Yesterday was my last day of the week long strength training challenge.  I LOVED the entire concept, and am really looking forward to a write up this afternoon on the challenge as a whole.  So, to wrap up my last day, I squeezed in:

  • 155 second plant + 10 hip planks
  • 32 real push ups
  • 50 calf raises
  • 50 reverse crunches
  • 25 squats
  • 50 leg lifts
  • 50 second side plank, L & R.

I’m giving myself a break from the challenge today, letting my body relax and repair a bit, but you better believe I plan on integrating this into my everyday life!  I hope you all do, too!

Have a great morning, All!


8 thoughts on “The Boy Picked THAT Movie

  1. My husband often compromises with me – We both enjoy action scifi/fantasy type stuff so that works. I don’t blame you for having a hard time with We Own the Night. Not my cup of tea, either. I love that you love Divergent! I love all those dystopian books out these days, so much fun! Have you read Maze Runner? They’re turning that one into a movie series and it’s super awesome. 😀

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