It’s Getting Real Y’all


More wedding excitement tonight, and it only gets better tomorrow! 🙂

We had plans tonight to meet up with some dear family friends of ours tonight at Amato’s.

We got there about a half hour early to do some wedding work:

Enter wedding day schedule



These are little details that make me so thankful to have such an amazing and involved  Groom.  Zach had worked on mocking up a draft of our day of so that we could go through it together and hash out details.  Amazing 🙂



Cheers to getting married and an amazing groom 🙂

The family friends we were meeting got there right as we were finishing.  BUT. . . more wedding fun ensued 🙂

Ms. Mary is amazing and wanted to be involved in our big day, so she offered to do guest bags for all of our out-of-towners (which is basically everyone for this wedding!).  We are so lucky!

She brought all of her ideas so far, and we just fell in love with the details.


This will hang as tag to the bag, holding the handles together.



The frame will be on the outside of the bag


Our wedding colors, navy and coral

How thoughtful is that?  They are going to be perfect 🙂

After talking tonight, we chatted and decided that inside the bag will be:

  • letter from the bride and groom
  • brochure from Boettcher Mansion and Golden, CO
  • water
  • mini altoid container
  • lent rollers
  • chocolate


Chocolove.  Seriously, how cute?



It was a great night with great family :).

Seriously every moment I feel like we get a little more excited for the big day.  I can’t wait!

And that’s a good thing, because tomorrow is a BIG DAY!


Tomorrow morning we’re getting our MARRIAGE LICENSE!

It’s getting real!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of how it goes!  We’re gonna be official! 🙂

Have a good night all, I’ve got some chocolate and pumpkin cookies to eat before heading to bed!

Question of the night:  Anything else my married friends or experience wedding crashers might recommend we include in the bags?

12 thoughts on “It’s Getting Real Y’all

  1. I’m thinking of including guest bags at my wedding too. Maybe include a schedule of the days events? Such as, what time music starts for the ceremony, the time ceremony, what time dinner is served, etc.

  2. What a beautiful place to get married- and Golden is such a great town for people to hang out and walk around in over the course of the weekend! I love Chocolove but always forget to stock up when I’m in Boulder.. it’s only $2 a bar there and so much more expensive in Denver!

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