. . . And That’s OK.

I’ve had something on my mind since I wrote my my work-out plan post this morning.


I love creating schedules.  They give me structure (which I need!), help me to see progress towards goals, and help to keep me on track.


For me personally, schedules are good for accountability.

I have a schedule for work, I know what needs to get done and when.


my desk at work is FULL of post-its

I have a scheduled date with Zach, I know not to make other plans.


Doctors appointment scheduled?  Better get there!


I wish!

I have a work out planned, I MUST FIT IT IN.


Sorry I can’t relax with you, I didn’t sweat this morning.

Did everyone catch that emphasis there?

While I am great at creating schedules and absolutely benefit from having them. . . sometimes my type A freakazoid personality keeps me from understanding that there can and should be flexibility in scheduling.  This is very true with scheduled work outs.

I don’t have much guilt if I need to reschedule a doctors appointment or meeting at work. . . but If I’m being totally honest, I DO have guilt when I skip a work out.


Does that seem backwards to anyone else? I give myself anxiety over the possibility of skipping a work out?  That does not seem very conducive to a healthy, happy or balanced life.


Yeah…you should probably worry more that you NEVER skip me…

This point stuck with me all morning today.  I was struggling because I hadn’t yet formally written out my work out plan for the week, but I was already making excuses for why I may have to move some work outs around, or god forbid miss a work out all together.

Let’s take a look at my schedule for the next three weeks:

  • This weekend Zach and I are talking about taking a short trip to Rocky Mountain National and getting in some end of season serious hiking.  If we do that, I may need to scale down the long run (and that’s OK).
  • Next weekend we are in New York for Zach’s old roommates wedding Thursday-Sunday, so I am going to be trying to squeeze in a long run from far away.  I’m hoping this just gives me a chance to explore a new place, but I also want to be open to wedding activities and recognize if I need to switch runs around (and that’s OK).
  • And then of course, 2 weekends out is OUR WEDDING, so that entire week is all about flexibility, enjoying the moment, and enjoying our families.  I already have some runs with friends planned, and I do have some time off so I can squeeze in a long run somehwere, just need to be open to moving work outs around (and dang it that’s OK).

Seriously, I have some AMAZING things coming up in my life, and I do NOT want to let a silly switched up or missed work out to affect that in any way.


Mimosa on vacation? Yes, please!

Over these next 3 busy unique and amazing weeks, I am giving myself permission to be flexible.

I want to be sure that I fit in my work outs, but most importantly that I remember to enjoy them and be thankful that I am healthy and able to be active when I do fit them in.  (I mean let’s be honest, I love a good Runner’s High to miss too many good work outs 😉

I cannot forget or undervalue that I am a happy and healthy person.  I eat whole, natural, REAL foods for the majority of my diet.  I work out consistently and find ways to squeeze in little bursts of exercise often in my daily life.  I have amazing friends and family in my life who love me unconditionally.  I live in an amazing city and have opportunities that I am thankful on a daily basis.

THESE things are important.  And these things aren’t going to change over the next 3 weeks, if anything they will only improve.

No more exercise anxiety for this girl . . . and THAT”s ok :).

Question of the afternoon:  Am I totally crazy with this?  Can anyone else relate to this exercise guilt/anxiety? 

10 thoughts on “. . . And That’s OK.

  1. YES! I get it all the time. I’m the same way with scheduling: I loooove making lists and schedules, it’s how I work. But I have slowly learned flexibility and, you’re right, sometimes it’s really necessary

  2. I totally get exercise guilt (or lack of exercise guilt that is). If I don’t workout, all I think about is how lazy I was and how I don’t deserve to be relaxing. Rest days are still hard on me…I’m hoping that as my weekly mileage increases, my guilt will decrease!

  3. I am all about having a schedule and planning my week(s) and sometimes I get so caught up in the “plans” that I forget to just “be”. Finding a way balance everything is so difficult sometimes and one of the things I am currently working on with myself. 🙂

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