Runner’s High

Today’s long run could have gone really bad.

I did most everything right yesterday.

I compressed my legs (even slept in my sleeves)



Made sure to hydrate!



And of course, carbo loaded!





Then there were these…


DSCN0321 DSCN0315


Ok…so those last two may not have been a good idea…but I think they may have been the reason my tummy was not happy this morning…

I woke up and was NOT feeling a run.

To make matters worse…this morning, when I got up for TWO seconds, Gusman ATE MY PRE RUN LARABAR!

Now that may seem like nothing to most people(and obvoiusly it isn’t…but I’m dramatic sometimes haha), but I like rituals.  Before every long run, I wake up, drink a cup of coffee,  eat a Larabar, and let my belly digest (I even tried a different bar earlier in the summer, and threw up during my run..not good).



Then Gus gave me that face and I decided I couldn’t be mad at him…I knew I needed to suck it up, eat something else, and get out there.

Well lucky for me, we still had that delicious California bread from Whole Foods.



So I ate a hunk of that and hit the road.



This morning I decided to hit Cherry Creak trail for awhile and it was a good choice.  Busy, but beautiful.  I took my first 5 miles slow (about 10 minute pace), because I knew I wanted to leave some in the tank.  I actually PUMPED Fall Out Boy for the first half of my run and before I knew it I was eating my chomps around midway.









To be honest, once I got over my bad self and hit the road, this ended up being one of the best long runs I’ve had this season.  Beautiful weather, beautiful trails…how can I complain?

I ended up feeling so good that I actually extended my long run to 10 miles…which I NEVER do.



And now, thanks to that run, I have a smile on my face that I canNOT get off 🙂  I LOVE RUNNERS HIGH!

Thank you running, for always reminding me why I keep coming back to you.

Maybe I will eat those cupcake bites before every run!

OK — time to enjoy my Saturday!

On the books for today: a new brunch spot and BAKING!!!!! YAY!  Come back for recipes and recap of brunch, of course 🙂

Happy Saturday All!

Question for the day:  When was the last time you had runner’s high?

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