Whole Foods and Whole Delicious!

I had a new-to-me snack today at work.



These are mini greek yogurts that you can buy from Chobani.  They come in multiple flavors, but today I went with the coffee yogurt and dark chocolate chunks.

I should have taken a picture of the container 2 minutes later.  It looked brand new.  Licked clean.  YUM.  And honestly, a little small for a snack but took care of my sweet tooth and curbed the hunger a bit.

I paired it with an apple and I was a happy lady.


This afternoon I went to my lunch happy place

Picture 001


Honestly, sometimes I go and just walk around.

Picture 002


Am I weird?  Does anyone else go to Whole Foods just to walk around and be around so much deliciousness?

And moving on…

I did have a mission today:

Picture 003


I needed some good, fresh bulk bin granola  (because I’ll eat it all before I even bake if I get a whole box) for an exciting baked good I am planning to make this weekend.  Recipe and lots of “yummmms” to come, I promise!

I also got a Larabar for my long run this weekend and a beautiful looking California bread that you will see in a second for dinner!

I spent the rest of my lunch break relaxing at Whole Foods with my book (and bag as my date apparently).

Picture 004



Thursdays are my late days so by the time I got home tonight, I was hungry!

Thankfully Zach had prepared a good bit of our dinner already in our brand new and beautiful salad bowl that we got from our registry from our dear friend Kim in Chicago.

DSCN0305 DSCN0306

Thanks Kim!  We LOVE it already (we got it today and planned dinner around it to use it!)


Tonight’s salad was full of

  • arugula
  • kale
  • baby portabella mushrooms
  • yellow tomato

On top of my salad I had some more of the chicken from last night, this time prepped in bbq sauce and a ton of amazing grilled Whole Foods California bread.


Oh my Gosh the walnuts, cranberries, grains, seeds.  I swoon over this bread.



So for day 2 of the challenge, I managed to squeeze in:

  • 100 second wall sit
  • 25 real push ups
  • 50 bridges
  • 130 second plank (woot!)
  • 30 real push ups
  • 50 sit ups
  • 50 oblique crunches L & R

Not too bad for just squeezing stuff in where I can.  I am really surprising myself with what I am able to do and am looking forward to a recap at the end of the week.

I will be taking it a little easy tomorrow, especially on my legs, as it’s supposed to be a rest day.  I’ll probably focus on abs and arms, and maybe some yoga holds for the legs.


And that’s all I have for today, well except for dessert of course ;).  I actually haven’t decided on my night cap this evening, but we do still have some of those Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies left that probably need to be eaten.  I guess I can help with that 😉

7 thoughts on “Whole Foods and Whole Delicious!

  1. I love Whole Foods. Sometimes I go when I don’t even need anything. My husband says I’m the only one he’s ever met who window shops at the grocery store. He thinks I’m nuts.
    Did you do 30 real push ups straight through, without a break?

    • Haha — I love that you called in window shopping at a grocery store, because that’s absolutely what I do!
      And I did! I shocked myself…I’ve been working on strength training for a little while but 25 and 30 uninterrupted real push ups impressed me! This little challenge I’m doing this week has been fun to show me I’m a little stronger than I thought…

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