A Long Distance Run Date

Last night I put the word out on twitter that I needed some accountability for me to get out and run this morning.

So far this week i’d only gotten one run in and I really wanted to squeeze in another before my long run.

Well, my requests were answered 🙂

My bff Zoe put out the word that we’d have a date, a long distance run date.  She had 4 miles planned for the morning, which was exactly around the distance I was hoping for.

I have the best friends.

So — this morning when I woke up, Zach brought me a cup of coffee (I need coffee for runs anymore, so he brought me some.  I also have the best fiance), and I pumped myself up for a run.

And a beautiful run it was.





Hi. my name is hill. I’m a bitch.

I struggled for a good chunk of the run, but that’s OK.  I finished.


Hard to read: 4.11 miles, 9:24 pace.

Workout of the Day: 4.11 miles, 9.24 pace.

(don’t forget about the challenge: day 2!)

And now I want a date, long distance or short, for every one of my runs 🙂  Who’s with me?

Thanks for the long distance date Zoe!  Love you! 🙂

And now, I’m running late for work!

Have a great morning all!

Question of the Morning: Who wants to be my next long or short distance run date? 🙂 

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