10 Things I Like

I’ve seen this post going around a bit with all the 30 day challenges, and loved the idea.

What I’ve seen is primarily 10 things I like and 10 things I DONT like, but I want to focus on what I like :).

1. Zach – Are you guys tired of hearing about this boy yet? I hope you aren’t, because I just adore him. Warning Corney Cliches:  When I met Zach four years ago in Utah, I was 22 years old, just starting graduate school, and really unsure about myself and what I wanted out of life.


When we met in Salt Lake City, Utah 2009

Since then, I’ve graduated with my Master’s, moved to Chicago, moved to Chicago to be with him, we moved in together, got engaged, and are now living in Denver getting ready to embark on our next journey: Married life.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.  He’s my best friend, my biggest supporter, biggest advocate, and at times, biggest pain in my as$, but we have fun every single day and I would not change a thing about him.



2. Family – I grew up an only child.  Most people are surprised about that when they meet me, but I actually loved growing up the way I did.


Mom, Dad and I in Vegas. Their second home.

Funny story: at about 10 years old my parents told me they wanted to adopt another child.  I told them absolutely not and so here I am today, sibling-less.  True story. Sad, but true.

My parents always treated me as an equal and being an only child, I always felt like the three of us were a team.  I’ve put my parents through quite a bit, but their love and support for me never wavered.  They hate that I’ve grown up and moved across the country, but remind me regularly that I am where I’m supposed to be in life and support me however they can.  They really are amazing.

Oh…I can’t talk about family without including my OWN family as well.


Don’t mind me . . . I’m just chillin


I’m just so happy!


Come on, with those faces, how could they NOT make the list of things I like. Honestly, these two make us laugh and smile everyday.  And with Gus’s health issues of the past couple of months, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have them and their darn unconditional love.

3. Friends – The fact that anyone other than Zach puts up with me on a regular basis is pretty amazing ;).  I could go on and on about these people, but especially with the wedding coming up I have been reminded how I lucky I am to have friends who are coming all this way to Colorado to celebrate Zah and I.

oldschool zoe



My favorite friend story of late:  I decide to sign up for a half after literally only running 3 miles.  I figure I can do it.  So what does my best friend do?  She signs up for it, out of town, with me so I don’t have to go at it alone.   Pretty stellar friend there. . . I must say.

4. Running:  Running keeps me sane.  Pure and simple.  I’m not very quick, and probably never will be, but that’s OK.


Just a morning run. . .

In reality I’m more . . .


GOD SAVE ME! I’ve only gone 1.2 miles?!


but that’s OK because I run for ME.  Every single run I go out for is different.  And every single run is an accomplishment.  That’s pretty cool.

5. Yoga –


Namaste 🙂


I’ve been doing yoga for about 5 years now, and even though my practiced has changed a lot, I never regret a yoga class.  At this point in my life yoga is my cross training.  It keeps my muscles loose, ready for runs, and safe from injury.

6. Writing


Honestly, I’ve always loved writing.  I was a journal-er growing up, and have always found it therapeutic to put words and thoughts to paper.  At points in middle school and high school, I imagined that I was going to be a journalist or writer of some kind, but I guess I missed that boat.  For now, this blog has really reminded me of my passion for writing.   I haven’t done much studying on the subject and I will likely never win any awards for my writing, but it is something that makes me happy everyday, and that’s enough for now.

7. Wedding Planning – Wedding planning has been the craziest, busiest, and most fun adventure I’ve been on in a long time.  Even now when we are absolutely crazy with appointments, meetings, and checklists a mile long of things that still need to get done, I love it.


again. . . Awwwwwwww.


I am living in the moment.  It’s amazing how genuinely happy and excited people are for Zach and I right now.  Even strangers.   I’m just trying to soak up all of the love and generosity we have surrounding us right now.  I’ll forget about the craziness…

8. Chocolate – Do I really need to say anything here?





I’d be naked…


9. Good Food – I LOVE food and the whole experience of eating.


I love going out to a good meal.


I love making a good meal and enjoying it with loved ones.


I love the complexity of different tastes and textures.  Really I love everything about food.

10. Reading – I’ve always been a reader.  My parents read to me as a new born, and as soon as my little brain let me, I had my nose in a book.



Reading and I went through a tough spell during college and graduate school when I was slammed with texts the size of my torso every night… but that was relatively short lived and once I made it through that my love for reading returned just as quickly.


There is something so great about getting lost in a book.  I create little worlds in my mind when I’m reading a book, and am often sad when I finish with one because I feel like I’m losing friends or some magical place in my imagination.  Creepy and weird I know, but what can I say 🙂


So there you have it.  10 things that I really like :).  So now, share with me!

What is something/things that you really like?

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