DJ’s, More Wedding Stuff, and Pizza!

Another night, another wedding meeting!

Tonight we met our DJ at the Starbucks in the REI headquarter building in Denver.



We actually met at the Starbucks inside the building.


We’ve been to the REI quite a few times, but never to the Starbucks.  It was  really nice and an easy spot to for a meeting like this.  Zach and I split a soy cappuccino for fuel.


The meeting with Rocco (love his name) went really well.  We got a lot accomplished and I feel like we got chat and he really got to know Zach and I and our image for our big day.

Things knocked off the list today:

  • all ceremony music (think bridal party procession, my walk down, music during ceremony, and send off)
  • timeline/schedule of events
  • songs for the specific dances: father/daughter, mother/son, cake cutting, etc.
  • cocktail music
  • dinner music
  • connections with the band

Our DJ is also basically going to be our day-of coordinator.  So it was really great for us to all get to know each other a little better.  I am confident he is going to have our day run perfect.  Smooth sailing 🙂

After our meeting with Rocco, we went for a picnic dinner at our favorite local join, DBC.


Zach made us a fresh salad from whatever we had left of from the weekend produce


Lots of produce from our yummy garden.


Which we enjoyed with a brick oven pizza from the food truck.


Yum and YUM!


I dont even remember everything on it because Zach ordered it, but there was lots of goat cheese, sausage, and mushrooms.  To die for.


Productive and wonderful evening!


A few shots from the walk home


And of course…


Love him 🙂

We’re now back home and the plan is to relax with the family, were still working on those zucchini cookies so you know what we’ll be doing 🙂

Have a good night friends!

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