Music to Memories

Good morning all!

Sometimes I hate that I am in MST, an hour or two earlier than my family and friends in the Central and Eastern time zones.  But on these past two mornings, when I’ve woken up at 800 or 830 to all my healthy living bloggers and friends writing about their morning workouts, I’ve been thankful. 

It’s pretty freaking motivational to come on here, before I’ve even brushed my teeth (don’t judge) to see all of you who have busted out 10 miles, or 20  miles on the bike.  It’s much harder to skip my own workout when I see you all getting out there.  So, Thanks for that! 🙂  Just another reason I love this community!

So, since I was woken up and sparked quickly by motivation from you all, I got to my recovery run pretty quickly.

Workout For the Day:  Recovery run:  4.12 miles in 40 minutes (40 minutes steady run, walk it out until 40).


I was a sweaty beast after this run.  I was really reminded of one of the benefits of recovery runs while working too:  learning to push through on fatigued runs.  There were many moments I was ready to pull the trigger and stop, but that half marathon PR I want sticks with me…so 4.12 miles later I was a happy lady and done for the day.

Music and Memories

I had a moment while running today.  As I mentioned, I struggled quite a bit this morning on my run  (not that there are ever many runs where I don’t struggle).

I had my ipod on shuffle, and in my last faithful 10 minutes, when I really needed it, a song came on that instantly brought me back in time.  THE STARTING LINE.  All of my girlfriends and I used to love The Starting Line.  I know there have been many a nights where we all rocked out, and I may or may not have even seen them live once or twice in college.

Honestly, when the song came on, I couldn’t stop smiling. Instead of running, I kept thinking like I was with all my girls, dancing and jumping around in our basements, and all of a sudden running didn’t seem so bad anymore.  I enjoyed it again.  Ironically enough, once the first song ended, another Starting Line song followed (Ipods don’t really do a great job of shuffling…).

It was the best 10 minutes of a run I’ve had in a long time, all because of the deja vu I got sent into thanks to a song tied to lots of memories.


I didn’t take any post-run pictures, as I thought you all have seen enough of those for the time being.  But, Zach did think he was cute this morning and decided to take pictures as I was trying to walk out of the door.

DSCN0166 DSCN0167

So flattering… you all know I love you to post those, considering I already look like a sweaty beast.  Nope, that’s just my natural morning glow.  Zach is


Zach just told me he wants to go out to brunch this morning (YAY!) So I’m going to jump in the shower! I love going out for brunch, and we hardly ever get to do it.

I’ll be back later today with recipes.  Remember that gigantic zucchini I’ve been talking about? It’s going to be turned into some great baked goods later today!



Question of the day:  What music/songs bring you back in time?

2 thoughts on “Music to Memories

    • It is a Chicago shirt, good eye! 🙂 The RnR Chicago Half 2012 was my first half…and I’ve been in love ever since :). Next up: Saint Louis in October. I got into the San Francisco Women’s half, but unfortunately I think I’m going to half to pass..

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