90 minutes or Bust (Updated)

I was able to sleep in this morning, which my body more than needed.  I actually woke up to a text from my favorite running friend back home, “You can do it!”

Thankfully, Denver has dealt me an absolutely beautiful morning, cool and crisp.  62 degrees and sunny currently.

I’m finishing up my (pretty awesome) peanut butter chocolate chip lara bar, cup of coffee, and relaxing with my boys for a few minutes while it all settles.

90 minutes on the docket this morning.  I couldn’t ask for a much better morning for it, now I just hope my little legs and boy cooperate!

“You can do it!”





Update:  Edit to add, 9.15 miles done and done.  It gets hot fast here…I’ll be back with pictures and details later.  Farmers market time for this family!

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