I’ve Got Friends In Low Places

Zach and I had plans tonight to make it a quiet evenings at home.  We had pizza on the menu, which is our favorite, and Thursday’s are my late nights, so laying low is normally what we crave.

When I got home tonight, Zach was over at a friend/neighbors.  The plan was for him to head home and cook dinner/relax when I got off.  Instead, our friend offered that I also come over and have a quick drink and chat for a few.


A quick drink turned into an evening of good friends, chatting about life and love.

We ended making a night of it and bringing Zach’s amazing homemade pizza over to our friends place, to extend the evening.

DSCN0101 DSCN0102

I love random nights like this.  Spending hours just enjoying good company, good food, and good wine, when beforehand all you had planned was nadda.

I am a happy young lady.

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap some not so happy food choices for the day, but for tonight, I’m going to enjoy a piece of cheesecake, and just soak up the great evening we had with good friends.

Goodnight all ❤

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places

    • This one was done completely by Zach while I was at work, so I’m not sure what it had on it…I know it was a dethawed frozen dough from our local grocery store, 2 steamed beats, bacon and peppers/basil from our garden, plus LOTS of mozzarella at the end 🙂

  1. I flippin’ love homemade pizza. Do you use a stone to cook it on? I usually make a chicken pizza for the Boyf & I, but get this….on the cubed cooked chicken I put fresh pressed garlic and sprinkle a bunch of lemon pepper seasoning on it. It gives a really nice taste!!

    • That sounds amazing actually! We’ve made bbq chicken pizza, but that sounds like something we should put on our must-try list! We don’t use a stone, we have this nice piece that is a grill pan on one side and griddle on the other. We roll out the dough thin, and let some of the crust go into the edges. After about 5 minutes of precooking, we take it out, and flip the crust so it gives it an actual outter crust. Delish!

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