The Art of Racing In The Rain — review

On my way home from Indianapolis a few weeks ago, I ended up getting saddled with a 3.5 hour delay.

Thankfully, I had just picked up The Art of Racing In the Rain by Garth Stein.


By the time I made it home to Denver, I was nearly halfway through the book.

Between a couple long bike rides on the stationary, and a few quiet evenings, I was able to finish the book within just over a week of returning.

Background on the book

The story follows Denny Swift, a semi-professional formula one driver,  and his family, all told through the perspective of the narrator Enzo, the family dog.

The story introduces us to Enzo as an old dog, very ill and prepared to be reincarnated as a human (as is his belief for all dogs when they pass, he saw it on TV! :).  He then brings us back through his life with Denny.  It’s unique story of the development of a family told through the unique lens of a dog!

Denny meets the love of his life, gets married, has a child, and progresses through early family life all while Enzo is a ,passive, but important family member.

The story tells of human challenges, set backs, illness, struggle, love, family and triumph, all through the lens of a dog.  While it may sound odd, I really enjoyed the unique narration and perspective within the novel.

My Thoughts

I actually loved this book.  I went into it expecting a Marley and Me tale, or something similar, but to be honest I didn’t get that at all while reading.

The book is very easy to read, due in part to the writing style as well as the fact that you just fall in love with the characters.  To see the love of a family through the eyes of a dog was great for me.  Dogs love unconditionally, and this quality was really put on the human members of the family as well, being told from Enzo’s perspective.

I was a bit concerned that the story would be a little out there, or that they would go overboard in humanizing Enzo, but while reading I felt the author actually struck a nice balance of human vs. dog characteristics.

I have been going through a lot with my own dog and his illness, so furbabies are a sensitive subject to me. I absolutely cried at a few points in the novel, but at the the same time, had my heart filled by the relationship between dog and family.

For dog loves (or even non dog lovers) I absolutely recommend The Art of Racing In the Rain!


7 thoughts on “The Art of Racing In The Rain — review

  1. I like the book too. I started with fear of heartache that the “old yeller” or “where the red fern grow” had gave me but my friend is the one who got permission to translate this book in to Thai so, I read it and fell in love with it.

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