It’s Ladies Night . . . And the Feeling’s Right

Furst off:  thanks for all the love and support about my amazing groom and upcoming wedding.  We really couldn’t be more excited and it makes me so happy to have so much love and support around!

Work was fairly uneventful yesterday afternoon and I was able to head home looking forward to a fun evening with some ladies.

But first:  I went home to say a quick hello to the family.


We ended up having some family time up in the loft before I headed to ladies night.  How adorable is my family?  I apologize for August giving us her backside…but really, she does what she wants.

Ladies Night

My friend, a colleague from SLU and fellow Denver-ite now, hosted a ladies night full of good food and good times :).

I’m still a little weary about telling everyone about the blog, especially strangers…so I was a little apprehensive about whipping out the camera and didn’t take any pictures of the ladies, but did get some pictures of the grub.

Cheese + chips and crackers (my favorite!) were served as the hostess worked on the main dishes for the evening

DSCN0047 DSCN0048

Appetizers were served with an assortment of wines, that we each brought along with us as our contributions to dinner.


(a few of these glasses may or may not have been enjoyed through out the evening).


Dinner was pulled pork, with side salad, baked potatoes, fresh sprouts bread, and steamed beans.  Delish.

And of course, no ladies night is complete without a dessert.


While not pretty at all, the dessert was chocolate silk pie and key lime pie.  (please please excuse the picture.  I didn’t care what it looked like at this point..I just wanted it in my belly!)

After dessert, we all said our goodbyes and headed home (it is a school night after all).

When I got home, I was greeted by a wonderful surprise


Zach hung out beautiful Pottery Barn clock and second wine shelf.   Honestly — do I not Have The Best Groom Ever?

I made Zach some dessert — (and if we’re being honest…I gobbled up a few spoonfuls of the dough myself.  That stuff is AMAZING) and we wrapped up the night with some Colbert and Oliver (John Stewart stand in).

This Morning/Workout

On tap this morning was a speed workout.

I am beyond proud of myself for getting out of the gym and pushing a great run outdoors.  I absolutely plan on integrating more outdoor runs — I think I need to for my training, but this morning I was craving my favorite treadmill interval workout.

Workout of the Day – Speed Work 45 minutes

  • 10 minutes steady warm up run (6.2-6.4)
  • 10 minutes intervals of 9.0 one minute, 4.1 one minute
  • 10 minutes intervals 9.1 one minute, 6.0 one minute
  • 10 minutes steady cool down run 6.1-6.5
  • 5 minutes incline walking @ 8% 3.5-3.8

total: 4.76 miles

I have pictures, but forgot the cord…so you’re spared the sweaty goodness.  Seriously, this was a TOUGH workout…when I was finished I went back upstairs and got some water from the fridge.  Zach came up to give me a hug and touched my back, then immediately recoiled.  Good thing he doesn’t mind a gross, sweaty girl!



Tonight is my final fitting for my wedding dress (as long as everything is good!).  I can’t wait, I’m so excited to see the dress and again and feel like a bride 🙂

I’ll be back tonight to let you know how it goes!


Question for the day: What was your last ladies/boys night?

10 thoughts on “It’s Ladies Night . . . And the Feeling’s Right

    • I love girls night snacks — I always end up eating more of the snacks than the entrees! Upps! And thanks for the workout shout out 🙂 Ruts happen to all of us, for me I normally just need to try something new to get out of it. a new interval workout, or even just a new workout completely!

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