I Have The Best Groom Ever.

Honestly, I don’t know how I talked this guy into being my husband — but one thing I do know is I hit the jackpot with this groom!


Before I get to his pure awesomeness I just want to point out how crazy my peanut butter tooth has been today:


Everything peanut butter within reach has gone straight in my belly (Said in Fat Bastard voice).


And I’m now eyeing some peanut butter chocolate.  I feel like this girl (love her…i feel like we should be bffs) Restraint with the PB Ashley!

Once again, moving on:

Zach: The World’s Greatest Groom

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m thankful that I did.

Ever since we got engaged about 15 months ago, Zach has been beyond supportive, excited, and interested in wedding planning.  Honestly, he has made me ENJOY wedding planning, and given me the opportunity to soak up ever second of being a fiance. 


(we got engaged after a long run and bike ride,hence why I look like poop. He knew what he was doing, so he showered.  I didn’t. Even when he asked to me shower, I didn’t.   Don’t judge… it was the best day ever, and  I’ll give the full engagement story a different time).

Zach has an amazing eye and found our venue in no time once we made it to Denver.

Boettcher Mansion

boettcher boettcher2

Zach was all about going to every vendor preview we needed to in order to find the perfect photographerfood, cake, band, everything.


(Not our cake, but I really like it)

Zach has been there to design the save the dates, invites, programs, place cards, everything stationary.

save the date

(not our save the date, but that’s the design with a different date and minor color changes)

Zach became our primary financial adviser and took it upon himself to make an excell spread sheet and follow along with our spending vs. budget.


And as of recently, as we’re hitting the home stretch, Zach has taken on most all of the mundane projects that haunt the final weeks of wedding planning.  Setting up final walk throughs, vendor meetings, hotel blocks, shuttle.  Everything.

And tonight,  Zach is taking it upon himself to take his work computer out, finalize guest counts, seating arrangements(YIKES) , and contact vendors, just so I can enjoy much needed girls night.

So, this is why I have the most amazing Groom in the world.  He has made being a bride the dream every girl hopes it will be. And to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited to marry this man.  31 days and counting!

zach and i

Thank you, Babe.  Love you more than you  know!

12 thoughts on “I Have The Best Groom Ever.

  1. hi there, i was just so thrilled when i saw your event countdown … i have my own countdown as well, its 18 days to go before Bob and i celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary! your excitement made me go back to that special date in ’84 (you were probably not even born yet) … anyway, i pray that you will be blessed with millions of beautiful moments together. and with this particular post, i have been touched by how kind your Zach is … reminds me of how my Bob is 🙂 Best wishes to you both … April (Bob’s wife)

    • Awee thank you so much — and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. What an amazing thing, 29 years! I hope (and know…) that Zach and I will look back many years down the road and remember every second of this time. It’s just amazing — we are so happy and everyone is so happy for us. Honestly, thank you for your post and your kind words, and more importantly, congrats to you and Bob. Best wishes to you two, but seems like you two have it down pretty well at this point! 😉

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