Swooning over Juan Pablo

Good morning!

We spent the bulk of the evening enjoying chocolate chip cookies and struggling to watch the Bachelorette  finale.   I absolutely adore Chris and think she ended up with a good guy, I just wasn’t a huge fan of Des this season.  She seemed very naive, and I lost a bit of respect for the way things went down after Brooks left.

That doesn’t take away from the most exciting part of that whole series though: JUAN PABLO IS THE NEXT BACHELOR!


I guess I will be stuck watching a third season of Bachelor. . . swooning over Mr. Pablo.  With Zach. Swooning.

Moving on…

This mornings workout was strength based:

Workout of the Day

This video of strength training for runners, done 3 times (it’s about 20 minutes long)

It was really nice to not have to think and just be instructed what to do on my workout.  I miss the class settings that you have in real gyms, but I just can’t justify spending on the money on a membership when I have what I need at my apartment.

This Morning

The rest of the morning was pretty standard, get showered, ready, and to work.

More excited were today’s (and yesterday’s for that matter) breakfasts and snacks


Yum!  I have a new flavor for today, Strawberry and Creme. And of course…


I can’t keep my grubby little hands out of that Peanut Butter Granola. YUM!

(Notice I said breakfast AND snacks…seriously I can’t stop).


I have plans tonight to head to a friend’s for a small girls night of appetizers, dinner, desserts and wine.  Looking forward to it! I never have enough girls nights 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

Question of the Day:  Is there a snack that you have that you seriously cannot STOP eating once you start?

For me, it’s granola, or any yummy cereal, trail mix, chips, or any chocolate/sweets.

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