Workout Plan For The Week August 5-11.

Another Monday, another week.

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday evening after our crazy project/trashing of the apartment 🙂DSCN0025DSCN0032DSCN0034

For the first time in a long time, I was unable to finish my entire dessert  (I ate most of it, but did need to share with Zach, I made those puppies HUGE).  DELISH though…seriously.


Monday mornings are always the most difficult for me to get out of bed and work out, and today was no exception.  Zach let me know that he was willing to run with me after work (probably..depending on weather and his schedule) so I wanted to leave myself open to running with the boy (that and I really wanted the extra sleep this morning).   Hold me to this!! Don’t let me skip my work out after work!

I’m always less awake when I don’t work out in the morning — and I am definitely feeling that this AM.  Reminder: don’t skip AM workouts!

Workout Plan For the Week

I meant to do this last week, just never got to it with the travels and wedding.  But each week, I’d like to post a plan of action for the week ahead every Monday morning  (so the workouts will be for Monday-Sunday of the coming week).  This is helpful for accountability for me, as I am putting it out there that I will get my workouts done, and hopefully it is something of interest to some of you (please let me know if that is not the case, of course :).


Workout Plan August 5-August 11.

  • Monday August 5 – Speed Work 45 minutes treadmill/run outside with Zach
  • Tuesday August 6 –  Strength training (focusing on strength for runners this week)
  • Wednesday August 7 – Speed Work 45 minutes treadmill
  • Thursday August 8 – Stationary bike – 60 minutes with 10 minute intervals
  • Friday August 9 – Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday August 10 – Long Run – 90 minutes
  • Sunday August 11 – Recovery Run – 40 minutes


Let’s Do It!

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