Why Does Running Outside Seem So Hard?

I’ve been struggling with a part of my training lately — so I’m looking for some help…and to, in general, just make myself accountable.

What am I struggling with?

running outside.  getting off the treadmill, stepping outside, and running.

Last year, even in the midst of an awful heat spell, I ran outside.

When we first moved to Denver in August, I ran outside. 

Even if it meant getting up before 5 AM (and for my long runs it often did) just to get out the door and beat the heat, that’s what I did.

Before this winter, you couldn’t GET me on a treadmill.

And now, this year…I’m really struggling, and can’t put my finger on why. (Look at my training plan for the week, 3 of the runs are “planned” for the treadmill.  Come on!)

Honestly —

I live in a Beautiful city…hello Denver.


In a BEAUTIFUL city, where in the AM it’s always cool, no matter what time of year. And the humidity is never an issue (my  Midwesterner’s know what I’m talking about).

So why in the heck am I having such a hard time  getting off the treadmill?

I’ve been trying to at least make the treadmill useful, and doing intervals and speed training.  But to be honest (to myself and to readers)  … it’s an excuse.  I tell myself, I don’t need to get more training outside if I’m doing speed work inside (where it’s easier for me…)

For the past couple of weeks, the only runs that I’ve done outdoors have been my long runs.   Most all of my shorter training runs have been either recovery or speed work on the treadmill in my gym building.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying treadmill running isn’t great, or that it’s easy.  Just the opposite.

What’s bugging me is the fact that I really don’t know why I can’t seem to push it outside.  

To be honest, I feel like by doing so much of my running on the treadmill, I’m missing out on part of the experience that is running.

run runn

I’m missing that part of running that is exploring.

I’m missing the part that is nature, other people, outdoors, fresh air.

I’m missing the challenge that is outdoors, the elements. Hills, wind, heat, cold.

I’m missing a lot….so seriously, why can’t I just get myself out there?

so why am I telling you all this?

Because honestly, I’m struggling.  I’m training for a half marathon, that go figure, is outdoors. I should probably be running outdoors.  I need to know…

Am I totally weird?

Completely alone in these struggles?

Any help, words of advice, or people who share my struggles, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Why Does Running Outside Seem So Hard?

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