Recovery Runs

This morning, when Zach got out of bed to work, I knew I should get out of bed and attack my work out of the day.  Instead, as I often do on Sunday mornings, I rolled over, sprawled out, and enjoyed a little bit more of that glorious Sunday slumber.


Yup.  I was a happy lady.

I let myself sleep some more, until I could hear Zach making some coffee.  I started stretching out, and felt that soreness that I always get after a long run.

I wanted to skip my work out.  I got my long run in yesterday – I could give myself an extra day off, right? Anyway,  I’m way too sore/tired to work out.

I try and tell myself that often.  “I’m too sore/tired for a recovery run.”  But the funny (and logical) thing is, I always feel better once I’m out of bed.  And the thing about recovery runs (in my opinion) is they really are important to increasing fitness and endurance during training (and for me, while I know it’s argued in literature, I feel that it helps to relieve that stiffness and soreness).  

I’m certainly no expert on this, but this article does a good job of explaining the benefits/purpose of recovery runs.

So, my amazing fiance brought me a cup of coffee, while I laid in bed, getting on twitter and youtube to try and find that motivation I needed to get my recovery run in today.

PS: It would be SWEEEET if people followed me on twitter. @chocolatemedals  It’s a great networking tool (I’m still learning…) and on mornings like this when I need motivation, I know yall would be exactly what I need in those moments!

I then headed down to the apartment gym and got it done.


Workout of the Day: Recovery run 4.13 miles

40 minutes:

steady run (between 6.2-6.5) until I reach 4 miles

walk it out until 40 minutes @ 3.5-4.0 @ 8% incline


I did struggle a bit on the run, and am still going a bit slower than I’d like, but at least I pushed myself out of bed and ran!


The gym was empty, so I was able to take a nice awkward post workout pic.

For the rest of the day, I have some baking planned (granola and cookies.  Recipes to come!), and we may run a few more errands.  Think CostCo, Home Depot…maybe I can talk Zach into going with out me…

First:  maybe a shower and breakfast.

Question:  Do you do recovery runs??

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