I got a new toy!

Zach and I ran our Sunday errands right after I left you, so it’s now 1230 and we’re all done for the day.  Not.Too.Shabby.

Since we wanted to try and head out quickly and beat the church crowds, I was sacrificial enough to postpone an official meal and just pack a quick snack for the road (I mean CostCo was on our list…hello samples!)



Some more cherries to tide me over.  Nobody likes a hangry (hungry+angry) Ashley.

Our first stop:  Home Depot so Zach could look at power drills.

IMG_6056 IMG_6055


While Zach shopped, I had other things in mind



Home Depot always has a ton of candies and snacks, I never understood why.  That candy stash is literally the only way you will get me there most days, so maybe that’s why.



After a long talk with our new friend Phil, Zach and I were both more informed than we ever wanted to be on drills, and Zach was able to walk out of the store with drill in hand.



My dad would will be so proud, he choose a new Makita.

Our next stop:  Cost Co.

Thankfully we were there before the rush and we actually had the quickest CostCo stop I’ve probably ever known.

The most exciting news from this post…I got a new toy!


The tiniest camera I’ve ever seen.



Sorry for the glare, the crappy point and click I was using wasn’t able to turn off the flash, and this camera is quite reflective.  But in comparison to my hand and computer, that shows you just how tiny it is.

It’s compact, descent picture quality, and perfect for the ease of day-to-day picture taking.  We still have Zach’s SLR, which we will use for more quality picture taking needs, but this camera is PERFECT for the blog!

Breakfast (finally)

Boring…peanut butter toast and cherries once again, but I really do LOVE toast and really only have it over the weekend.  Not to mention this is the first  picture from my new camera, and I am quite happy with it :).

Oh and that’s not wine…it’s a mix of coconut water and regular h20.  Gotta hydrate!DSCN0006

On tap for the afternoon, baking and Zach may be doing some home projects with his new toy.  We have quite a few registry items that could use to be put in their place (clock, shelves, wine rack…).


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