Denver Brew Co

One of Zach and I’s favorite places in our neighborhood is Denver Brew Co


It’s a local brewery that serves a handful of their own microbrews any given day of the week, Monday through Sunday, and honestly, it’s the best that I’ve had since moving here.  That’s saying something, as Denver is known for their microbreweries.


They have a nice size outdoor patio for seating, and a bar inside with seating at the bar as well as multiple tables in the dining area.

As far as food goes, Denver Brew Co only serves pretzels.  But one of the many nice things about DBC is that they have at least one food truck in any given night (Denver is really into the food truck scene).


Their on tap beers are limited to their own brews, but they do have a selection of bottles as well if you are wanting something familiar.  They do sometimes sell out of their small batches, but it is normally because they are amazing.


The inside is basically walls painted with chalk board paint and marked up by a local artist explaining any upcoming event.

There are also paintings and art pieces on display from local artists.


Tonight Zach, Gus and I were able to enjoy a nice afternoon on the patio.  My first beer:  The Belgian Cherry.


The cherry flavor wasn’t too sweet or powerful and actually one of my favorite I’ve had there to date.

DSC_0657 DSC_0656

Zach went with the Citra IPA and LOVED it….obviously.


Gus laughed at Dad while he was making funny faces.

My second beer was their Ginger brew, which reminded me of Ginger Ale and was FANTASTIC


While Zach had a Hibiscus Hefe…which we also both agreed was perfect.


As it was late afternoon, and we hadn’t really eaten since brunch, we were a bit hungry, and decided to grab a bite from one of the food trucks.

DSC_0669 DSC_0668

We went with a chicken quesadilla.


AMAZING.  I ate about 2/3 of one of those pieces and quite a bit of the side salad.  Seriously, amazing.

Denver Brew Co is honestly one of our favorite stops in our neighborhood, and really never disappoints.  I am confident you will see them often from me here on the blog 🙂

Question: What’s your favorite neighborhood spot?

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