What I Do After A Long Run

Compress and Rest


(Yes that is what I wore to grocery shop.  Nobody judged me.  Except Zach and Gus apparently.  They wouldn’t come with me).




Farmers market treat, with a diet coke (I never drink soda, but when I saw it I just could pass the carbonation). This was some kind of fried banana with chocolate and powdered sugar.  Hello amazing.  Best idea Zach had all day 🙂



(OK, so the left is my breakfast and the right is Zachs.  But his looked WAY better than mine so I had to include it)

Do upper body work outs AKA: carrying shopping bags full of delicious finds.

DSC_0651 DSC_0649 DSC_0650

(Farmers market finds, YUM. Also took a trip to Sprouts on my own…that was also a work out).

And Eat More.

DSC_0626 DSC_0625

Workout and errands for the day now DONE so now it’s time to relax.  🙂  I also ran by Redbox while I was out, so hopefully we have some success with the slim pickins.

Pizza night tonight, and possibly a trip to Denver Brew Co, our favorite!

I will also be doing some baking today or tomorrow (think cookies and peanut butter granola) so look out for recipes!

Question for the day:  What do you do after a long run?   Eat? Drink?Sleep?

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