Hydrate with H2O, NOT Beer, before a long run.


Toughest long run I’ve had in a long time.   Apparently, one should probably focus more on water, less on


Beer.  What can I say, I figured it was carbo loading?

I probably would have been fine had I gotten more than a couple glasses TOTAL of water in yesterday.  Oh well, you live and you learn.

I was up and doing my normal long run routine by 630


PS: I love Larabar’s pre long runs, they’re perfect.  The PBJ flavor is THE BOMB.

I hit the road around 715 and have never been so happy to finish a race.

Workout of the Day:

Long run:  85 minutes

8.60 miles.


I really did struggle this entire run.  I was basically unsure I’d finish from the start, but kept telling myself “just one more mile, than you can stop if you need to.”  That got me through until finally the 85 minutes was complete, but not without a couple breaks to calm my stomach.  I literally felt like I may have to vom the ENTIRE run (sorry for the gross visual everyone)…talk about a joy.

One fun thing from the run is I guess the Color Run is going through Denver and l literally in front of our apartment. Not only did I get to run right by blue and yellow, but as I finished my run there was a very distinct yellow hugh in the air and tons of people trucking along.  Good for them!  Someday I may do a color run, people always seem like they have a good time.

After the run, I spent a good 15 minutes like this


Then plugged in the garmin and reviewed the run


Gus had to approve of the run as well of course.

Now Zach and I are about to head to the local Farmer’s market and enjoy a nice relaxing Saturday.

It’s Pizza night tonight! YAYYY! My favorite

Question of the day:  Ever had a really tough run?  Anything you know that normally brings them on?

One thought on “Hydrate with H2O, NOT Beer, before a long run.

  1. I think tough long runs are part of the fun. I only say that because the tough ones always make the good ones that much, much better! Aside from recovering from an injury the most challenging longs ones I have had are when I overdressed thinking it was colder outside than it was and was not hydrated well enough. Aside from that, sometimes tough ones just show up out of the blue! 🙂

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