Yogurt Thief!

Whomp whomp!

Quick run in this afternoon to tell you about my total office foul.

I was CRAVING a scone this morning (Carbo load for my long run tomorrow, right?).  But I talked myself out of it because I knew I had snacks left over at work from the week…including that delicious yogurt that I had yesterday.


So…I talked myself out of the scone and right when my snack time of 10 AM hit, I went to go get my yogurt and…


My yogurt was stolen!  What a bummer — I will find the thief.   Oh the joys of office environments.  Ironically enough this isn’t the first time I’ve had my snacks SO RUDELY stolen from work, but each time it’s been my yogurt!  I guess people like my taste in the good stuff….

Yogurt thief…I will find you!

Question of the Day: 

Does anyone else who work in an office environment have an issue with their food going missing?

5 thoughts on “Yogurt Thief!

  1. I totally keep my snacks on lock down at the office. I also have to say, it’s nice to hear that someone else designates 10 am as morning snack time. I always get hungry around 10!

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